– by Gig Patta

After a few decades of acting, the Internet has turned Bill Murray into a mythical unicorn that creates a memory that’ll last a lifetime.

Bill Murray is known, whether as fact of fiction, for his spontaneous and unusual antics in real life and off-screen. He once played kickball with random people on Roosevelt Island. At SXSW, he hopped behind a bar and served drinks to attendees. And one time, he attended a college party in Scotland and started to wash their dishes in their kitchen.

Documentary director Sadie Katz wanted that spontaneous moment.

Her film, The Bill Murray Experience, is her tale trying to meet Bill Murray in person. She stayed up for long nights searching on the Internet for ways to create these magical encounters with her favorite actor. And along the way, she experiences a newfound adventure of her own.

As an actress, herself, Sadie Katz is best known for being in horror movies, such as Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort, Blood Feast, and Party Bus to Hell. The Bill Murray Experience marks her directorial debut.

LRM sat down with Sadie Katz on a beautiful day in Beverly Hills to talk about her experiences. She happily told us on how it all started and the people she met along this journey. Although, she didn’t reveal her own personal Bill Murray experience—one would have to watch the film to see on how it all ended.

The Bill Murray Experience will be available on VOD and iTunes on December 19. Click here to pre-order the documentary.

Watch our video interview below:

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