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Before we proceed, here’s your obligatory *SPOILER ALERT*





Okay, a couple years back, Latino-Review ran the story that Marvel was mulling over an adaptation of the PLANET HULK storyline. The scoop was denied, shrugged off, scrutinized, mocked, you name it. But, here’s the funny thing: As the years have passed, it’s come to light that these denials were really smoke and mirrors, and that we and our sources really were on the trail of something.

First, there was the concept art for THOR: THE DARK WORLD that revealed that, at one point in the production, there were going to be a couple of key characters from the PLANET HULK storyline incorporated into the story. They were ultimately scrapped, but that was the first legitimate proof that Marvel had, indeed, been kicking the tires on the idea.

Then there were once again murmurs that Hulk was heading to space when he waved goodbye and flew off in the Quinjet at the end of AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON

Well, according to a couple of sources, we may have figured out exactly how Marvel Studios was looking to incorporate the concept of PLANET HULK into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In the current script for THOR: RAGNAROK, a portion of the plot will center on Thor (Chris Hemsworth) being banished from Asgard and sent to a neighboring planet where he ends up competing in gladiatorial battles. He handily beats a few intergalactic warriors, and seems a shoe-in to win…until he’s thrown for quite a loop.

The overlord of the bouts decides Thor needs to be humbled and destroyed, so he calls upon their champion. And take a nice big guess who walks through those gates to meet Thor in the center of the arena?

That’s right…

The Incredible Hulk.

This, as of now, will be how we catch up with Hulk in THOR: RAGNAROK and how the character will be introduced into this solo Thor adventure.

Is this subject to change? Sure. But is it the plan at this moment? Absolutely, according to the whispers we’ve heard lately. 

What do you think of this introduction of Hulk into Thor’s story? How do you think it’s going to play out? 

Let the games begin!

THOR: RAGNAROK comes out November 3, 2017.

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