Accident Man: Scott Adkins On Adapting This Comic Dream Project As A Martial Arts Action Film

An assassin hitman has accidentally became a hero.

Accident Man will be available on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Download tomorrow on February 6 from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

The film is based from an underground British comic in Toxic! By Pat Mills, the creator of the Judge Dredd comic series, and Tony Skinner. It stars worldwide martial arts action star Scott Adkins (Doctor Strange, The Expendables 2) as Accident Man, a stone-cold killer who must face off against a rogue’s gallery of ruthless assassins in order to uncover the truth about his ex-girlfriend’s murder.

The film also stars Ashley Greene (Twilight), David Paymer (Mr. Saturday Night), Ray Park (Star Wars: Episode I—The Phantom Menace), Ray Stevenson (Thor) and Michael Jai White (The Dark Knight).

Accident Man is directed by Jesse V. Johnson (Triple Threat, The Butcher). It was co-written by Scott Adkins and Stu Small (The Pay Up).

LRM had a Skype interview with martial arts action star Scott Adkins last month to discuss on why it’s so important to adapt this comic series on to the screen. We also talked a bit about his action star career.

Read our interview transcript below:

LRM: Why were you attracted to this project of Accident Man?

Scott Adkins: I’m fourteen years old and I’m walking back from school. I went to a newsagent and grabbed Toxic! Accident Man was inside there. I loved it. I kept the comic book for all these years. Even though the dog ate it, I sewed it back together and kept it. I always had the dream to make it and become the guy in the movie Accident Man.

Why now? Big time producers optioned the property, but never got it made. It was very fortunate that I was able to get the rights about three years ago. I wrote the script with my friend, Stu Small. It’s very much a dream project and a labor of love.

If you could’ve said to me, “Scott, if you could’ve made any movie in the world–what’s it going to be?” I would’ve told you it’s Accident Man.

So this is it. This is the dream project.

LRM: How was it working with Jesse V. Johnson for the third time on this project? Is your synergy with him getting much better with each project?

Scott Adkins: Oh, yeah. It’s definitely with the synergy. The first time is was only for half a day and we stayed in contact. We were looking for something to do together for a while. Then we did Savage Dog. While we were filming Savage Dog, I was putting together Accident Man. We were going to make it with Sony, but I needed a director. There is great experience with Jesse. He’s an English guy and I wanted the film to be very English. I wanted a director with an English sensibility. He also comes from a huge stunt background. And I had a good experience on Savage Dog. We made the pact to make the film together.

He was in a very difficult situation, because your star is also your producer and writer. It’s a tough situation to be in. Jesse, to his credit, understood that I’ve living with project for quite some time. I did have a vision of it on how it should be in my head.

We really joined forces. We really exceled in this partnership. He brought so many great things to this [project] that I couldn’t have. Definitely, he wanted to put my vision of Accident Man on to the screen. So it was perfect synergy.

LRM: Did you have to do any additional training or other types of training in preparation for this film?

Scott Adkins: No, it’s all about martial arts. I am a master of various martial arts. I’ve been doing this since I’ve been ten-years-old. It’s obviously on what I’m known for.

And it’s my own accent. Well, it was the London accent, but it was easy for me to do.

[Laughs] I didn’t go around murdering people if that’s what you’re asking.

LRM: [Laughs] Do action stars like yourself ever use stuntmen?

Scott Adkins: Of course. I’m not one of those dicks who would say no. [Chuckles] But, I’ll do as much as I can, Gig. When it comes to the fights, I don’t want anyone else doing the kicks for me. If I can’t do that kick, then I don’t want it in the movie. I take pride in all of that being me.

There had been occasions when I had been injured and a stuntman had helped me out. We don’t want the film to suffer. It’s few and far between. If I’m going to fall down the stairs, smashed through the window or get hit by a car—I probably have the other guy stand in.

LRM: Is there anything that you would never do in an action film?

Scott Adkins: Stunt-wise?

LRM: Yes.

Scott Adkins: I almost became a stuntman. I’m pretty much up for anything. I do a lot more than I could, but the producers normally stop me. As a producer on this movie, I still get stopped by the other ones.

I wouldn’t do on what Tom Cruise does like flying on the side of a plane. That’s just madness. [Laughs] It’s full on respect to him. But, I’ll do as much as I can.

LRM: What was the toughest fight scene or the most fun scene you had to do on this project?

Scott Adkins: No, it’s never fun, Gig. I love to see it put altogether. It’s very gratifying with the finished product. The doing of it is extremely hard. It seems like it’s a good idea when I was twelve watching Bloodsport.

LRM: Action careers like this are pretty tough on a lot of people. Do you want to eventually diverge into something else for yourself?

Scott Adkins: No, people expect me to be in a certain type of movie. I’m passionate about action films. It’s something I wanted to do since I was a kid. It is hard work, but I’m not stupid enough to think I will eventually become a romantic lead. Yes, I will try different sort of things. I love this action film market. I want to keep giving people on what they expect from them.

LRM: Can you talk about any other upcoming projects you may have down the pipeline?

Scott Adkins: Well, I got two more films coming out that is directed by Jesse. One is the Triple Threat, a martial arts version of The Expendables. It’s with Tony Jaa, Iko Uwais from The Raid, Michael Jai White, Tiger Hu Chen, Michael Bisping and myself. It’s going to be a big martial arts film.

Another film is with The Debt Collector, which is a character driven action film. It’s about this traditional martial artist, who is down on his luck. He’s going to lose his gym. He gets this opportunity to work as a debt collector for the weekend. It’s his descent into that world. It’s really a great film. I’m very happy with it.

LRM: Terrific! I appreciate this brief conversation with you. I really appreciate you for all of this. Thank you very much.

Scott Adkins: Thank you, Gig. I’m a fan of the site. I appreciate you taking your time.

Accident Man will be available on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital download tomorrow on Tuesday, February 6.

Source: Exclusive to LRM Onlinle

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