– by Seth McDonald

As far as M. Night Shyamalan movies go, they’re pretty much a hit and miss for me. When they’re good, they’re really good, and when they’re bad, they’re not so good. Coming in with a different take on the cinematic shared universe, M. Night Shyamalan’s upcoming 2019 film, Glass, will serve as a sequel to both his most recent hit, Split, and one of his older and most liked films, Unbreakable.

Shyamalan’s most recent film, Split, is one I would put in the good category, I enjoyed the film, and thought James McAvoy was excellent in his role. While the film was about a man with multiple personalities, perhaps the most shocking moment of the film was at the end, when Bruce Willis’ character from Unbreakable was revealed and in turn that both movies exist within the same universe. In speaking with Collider (via ScreenRant), Glass producer, Jason Blum, spoke about the upcoming film and did his best to explain where it resides as far as genre.

“Of course, it’s a kind of superhero movie, for sure. I do consider it that, yeah. It’s very different. I would say it’s not a Marvel movie, but a superhero movie.”

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While what he had to say on the film was somewhat vague, I have to say I like Blum’s comments. The cinematic world is currently heavily saturated with the big scale superhero films, not that I am complaining, but this will surely be a fresh take on the genre. The first film, Unbreakable (my personal Shyamalan favorite) told the tale of two extremes, one very fragile, and one, unbreakable, the latter of the two bringing in the superhero aspect. Seeing characters from Unbreakable and Split interact should prove to be interesting.

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Source: Screen Rant