– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Hope you’re not sick of checking out footage from the set of DC’s Shazam!, because it seems like we’ll be getting a lot more from the Toronto shoot. Just yesterday, we saw a video of Zachary Levi’s Shazam stopping a bus, and riders filing out. It gave us a distant, but prolonged look at the actor in full costume, and in this new video, we see the villain of the piece.

In this video, we see what is likely a continuation of what we saw yesterday. I starts with Shazam getting thrown against the hood of a cop car, before a bald figure makes his way towards him. As this figure approaches Shazam, a couple of cops point their guns at him. The figure waves his hand in their direction, and they get pushed back. The figure in question is Mark Strong as Doctor Sivana.

Check out the video below:

Clearly, we have a case here where Shazam is still figuring out his abilities, and in an effort to same some innocents, has potentially interfered with Sivana’s plans.

Given that Sivana isn’t really a superhuman in the comics (not innately, at least), this can be seen as a potential departure from the source material. however, it’s also possible that he’ll be wielding some gear that allows him to take on Shazam with superhuman-like prowess. Given we don’t know about the story of this film, it’s hard to say.

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