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I’ll admit Zachary Levi isn’t the first name that came to mind when the name Shazam popped into my head. Just looking at the comic book, it’s easier to imagine someone like John Cena taking on the role, mostly because of how big the guy is. But after seeing the many trailers for the movie, it’s become easier and easier to see why director David F. Sandberg was drawn to Levi to take on the wish-fulfillment character.

And in many ways, it is kinda perfect. After all, Zachary Levi is not only a self-professed nerd, but one who has been steeped in the culture for many years. From comics to online content and his random involvement with companies like Rocket Jump in Video Game High School, he really is someone who isn’t afraid to indulge in and express his passions to the rest of the world. And with that in mind, it’s as if this role was made for him. But is that how Levi himself feels?

Our own Gig Patta had a chance to speak with the Shazam! star on the phone, and Levi was straightforward about what he thinks his appeal was.

“I don’t know. In some ways, yeah. I 100% understand, particularly now, what David Sandberg and…all of the bosses saw in men, and I’m really grateful they saw it in me. That’s me essentially being a man-child and not having completely grown up, which I refuse to do. I always want to always be optimistic an un-jaded as best I can. It’s so easy to be jaded in this world, and I’ve done it, I’ve done plenty of that.”

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But in spite of all that, he doesn’t harbor any thoughts that he was the only one who could take on the role.

“I certainly never came to the conclusion that I was born to play the role. Even having seen the movie or seen some of the early reviews people have tweeted, which are so unbelievably kind and flattering…I don’t know, it seems a little presumptuous to be like, ‘Yeah, and nobody else could have played this role, and I’m the guy who was born to do it.’ I’m sure there are many, many other people out there — talent that hasn’t been discovered yet that would have crushed this role. Maybe even played it better (laughs). So thankfully we didn’t find them before I got the job.”

Talk about humble. Those are the words of a man who understands this industry very well and is grateful for every opportunity thrown his way, and it’s always refreshing to hear this kind of blunt perspective.

What do you think of Levi’s comments? Do you agree with him, based on what you’ve seen in the trailers? Let us know down below!

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