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If there is one series that’s a real testament to how different TV is nowadays compared to 20 years ago, it may be Sherlock. In a world where A-list actors weave in and out of TV and film like a car in traffic, Sherlock is a testament that actors will generally return to roles they find endeering, so long as the demand is there — even if it takes some time to get it done.

Season 1 (and yes, I know I’m using the American vernacular for series) hit TV in 2010, and it took two years for its follow-up in Season 2, and so on for Season 3 — pretty much, actors Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman seem to be doing the show whenever they have time between their $100 million-plus blockbusters. It’s a freeing new world we live in where a show doesn’t have to be constantly be on the air in order to happen.

Now, in January 2017, nearly a full three years after Season 3 (and exactly a year after a particularly strange time-hopping special in 2016), we’ll finally be getting a fourth go with Sherlock and Watson. It’s still some months away, but the official Twitter account went on to tease the upcoming season by revealing two of the three episodes we can expect.

Take a look at the tweet below:

So what do these titles mean for the story? Well, most of the episodes thus far have played on classic Sherlock Holmes stories, and based on title alone, one could speculate that “The Six Thatchers” could be a retelling of “The Adventure of the Six Napoleons.” Yes, my logic is admittedly thin on this one — I’m only guessing due to the fact that it has the number six in it, but given the information, it’s not a bad guess. This particular story follows the story of a criminal who shatters random busts of Napoleon for an unknown reason — which I won’t spoil, just in case this is the story they go with.

The second title, “The Lying Detective” may be a reference to “The Adventure of the Dying Detective,” wherein Sherlock feigns illness to catch a murderer.

What do you think of this reveal? Are excited to see what Season 4 of Sherlock has to offer? Any guesses as to what the third episode could be? Let us know in the comments down below!

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