– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Filmmaking ain’t an easy job. If you don’t agree with that, I suggest you go out and try to make one yourself. However, when many fans look at the profession, it’s hard not to see it as a sort of cushy job, especially if you spend your days in a stockroom moving around inventory. And yeah, some jobs in the business are like that. But directing isn’t necessarily one of them, especially if you’re going for true authenticity — and if that authenticity requires the crew to put themselves through a certain amount of discomfort.

One filmmaker who is all about this philosophy is Fede Álvarez, the man behind such films as the Evil Dead remake, Don’t Breathe, and the upcoming adaptation of the fourth Lisbeth Salander novel, The Girl in the Spider’s Web. Here’s what he said at a recent press event LRM had the chance to attend:

“[Suffering is] what making those movies are. But as they should, and Claire [Foy] knows that, I tell her every day. And I’m lucky. If we get to make movies for a living and have a great time every day, we’re assholes. The least we can do is suffer terribly for an audience because you do it for them. You do it to put them in a place that they won’t go or they can’t go and to see the people going through emotions are quite real.”

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This has led Álvarez to make some pretty brutal decisions in terms of location, opting to find the grittiest and lowest of low places to shoot, as well as subjecting his crew to harsh weather conditions so that the extreme cold really comes across on camera.

You could say the man is a slave to his art, but what good filmmaker isn’t, right?

Do you agree with this philosophy, or are you more of the opinion that a filmmaker’s own conditions have nothing to do with how much they suffer, and it has everything to do with what happens on screen? Let me know your thoughts down below.

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