– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Seems like a good marriage. On one side of the aisle: M. Night Shyamalan, a filmmaker who made a name for himself by crafting spooky, grown up tales like THE SIXTH SENSE, SIGNS, and THE VILLAGE. On the other end, walking down the aisle with a lovely veil on, a brand new take on TALES FROM THE CRYPT

We’ve known that Shyamalan was working on relaunching the series, which began its life as a comic book in the 1950s, became a film in 1972, then found new life as an anthology horror show on HBO in 1989. The weekly series, hosted by a decrepit corpse known as The Cryptkeeper, told a different, scary story every week. It attracted all kinds of stars, led to a couple of other films, and an animated children’s series- TALES FROM THE CRYPTKEEPER that ran for six years.

Shyamalan, who spent some time trying to stretch his creative range- to a mostly negative response- has come back to the horror genre in the last few years. TNT seized on the filmmaker’s decision to dive back into his scary roots by hiring him to executive produce not only TALES FROM THE CRYPT, but also two other shows that would comprise a horror block for the network: TIME OF DEATH and CREATURES.

The Wrap has now revealed that TNT is happy with the state of things, as they’ve officially given TALES FROM THE CRYPT a full, 10-episode, season order. 

I’m really thrilled about the way this horror block is coming together with the addition of ‘Time of Death’ and ‘Creatures,’” Shyamalan said in a statement. “That such a beloved property like ‘Tales From the Crypt’ is launching our evening makes it an even more unique and exciting opportunity. Across the board, the level of talent has been very inspiring.

The entire horror block, comprised of TALES FROM THE CRYPT, TIME OF DEATH, and CREATURES is being prepped for a 2017 launch on TNT.

SOURCE: The Wrap

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