– by Seth McDonald

Having worked together for nearly two decades, the comedy duo of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost have started an entertainment company together. The longtime friends will call their new company Stolen Picture, and have already decided on a first project, a comedy-horror titled Slaughterhouse Rulez.

The film will be set at a topnotch boarding school where status means everything. The protagonist, Don Wallace, is the new kid, learning the nuances of this strange institution while Sixth Formers (older students 16-18) strictly enforce the archaic laws and rituals of the school.

Meanwhile, a nearby fracking operation causes earthquakes and a very ominous sinkhole to appear that releases unimaginable horrors upon the school. With the school’s social hierarchy reset, the students and faculty must find a way to survive.

It’s not surprising that Pegg and Frost would choose a comedy-horror movie to be their company’s maiden voyage considering the success they have had with the genre in the past.

The two actors, who first worked together on the show British television show, Spaced, which was co-written by Pegg, have made a couple of movies similarly themed to Slaughterhouse Rulez. With their cult classic, Shaun of the Dead, the team of Pegg and Frost breathed new life into the zombie genre by integrating dry British humor into a legitimate zombie flick. The two also found success with 2007’s Hot Fuzz, a buddy copmovie, mystery thriller and horror movie all rolled into one.

Pegg, who has writing credits on the aforementioned movies, also co-wrote last year’s Star Trek Beyond, and continued his portrayal of Montgomery “Scotty” Scott in the film.

As far as acting, Pegg and Frost appear to be sitting this one out, however, both actors will executive produce. The film will be directed by Crispian Mills, who also co-wrote the script with Henry Fitzherbert, and worked with Pegg on the film, A Fantastic Fear of Everything.

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SOURCE: Deadline