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Chin up, chest out and carry on.

The other option of course is to have no kind of reboot at all, whether hard or soft, and just start making better movies with these characters and hope that as the quality improves, so will the profit. Wonder Woman proved that if you have a good movie which is well received both by audiences and critics that the profit will follow. Word of mouth in this digital age is far more powerful than it ever was in the past.

This is a great time to reveal that I have not had the chance to see it yet. Now why do I bring it up? To prove a point. Thanks to all the buzz surrounding the flick, I’m less tense about this than I was by not being able to see Thor Ragnarok for the first week of its release. I’ll get to it eventually, but imagine if the praise was flowing for Justice League like it was for the first Avengers movie. The chances are I’d likely have found a way to get out to the cinema by now. I’m already trying to plan to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi on opening night no matter what. Even spoilers don’t concern me for Justice League, after all, it’s a pretty straight forward story that one could work out just by watching the trailers, or so it seems to me from looking on. In short, no matter the universe baggage, had this film been well received, I would have made the effort, and we think that holds true for most moviegoers.

I can’t say for certain, but I imagine that if Justice League had been better received, then the movie would also have done much better numbers than we are currently seeing. Is the DCEU, in its current state, salvageable? That’s the question which Geoff Johns and the WB money men have to answer soon. And if the Batfleck rumors do have any substance, then I guess they’d just have to go the James Bond route of recasting.


I don’t think there is an easy answer here, every option presents risks which could be hard to come back from. One thing is universally clear, Justice League was not the movie to launch the DCEU into the minds and hearts of the general audience in the way Marvel’s Avengers did.

It’s going to be very interesting to watch the fallout from this and see the corporate wheels turn and find out which direction WB ultimately does decide to go. For me I’d prefer to see the soft reboot option of using Flashpoint as a mini reset button for certain aspects of the universe, because I just desperately want to see some great DCEU movies and so far I haven’t fell in love with any of them, including Wonder Woman, which was to me….just ok.

But of course, WB doesn’t care what I think, however they do care what you think, so what option would you choose? Am I missing a fourth or fifth option that you can think of? Sound off below about what you think should happen with the DCEU. After all as film and comic book fans, surely we all want to see a successful and engaging DCEU to run alongside the MCU? Clearly I don’t have all the answers and the most important people in all of this are you guys, the fans, the audience that pay the bills for movie production, and you are by and large telling WB that you are not happy so far with the DCEU.

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  • Kindofabigdeal

    This article reads like Mr. Blonde wrote it.
    “He’s either dead or alive, or the cops got him, or they don’t.”

  • M@rvel

    Can you guys quit pretending like you actually know how much Justice League will make or lose for the studio?? The only parties that really know that are the companies involved. None of us know every aspect that goes into producing a GIANT tentpole film like that, and I’d be willing to bet that it’s not so cut and dry as you guys keep laying it out. “Well the movie is rumored to have cost this much to make, and it’s rumored to make this much money, so that means it will lose this much for the studio” lol it’s not always that simple. And that’s coming from a guy with a Finance degree and works in the finance world.

    • I’m a guy with a know it all degree and I work in the know it all industry. Ok maybe not

      Look, there are companies out there that specialise in looking at all this, we can look at previous movies and their profits etc and work out what is happening right now.

      Whatever way you shake it, it’s fair to say WB won’t be happy with a $94 million opening. That’s all we are saying really

    • Aaron James

      It’s fair to say, though, that a $94 million opening weekend off a $300 million budget is a TERRIBLE outcome. What the actual financials within the studio look like, yeah, we have no idea. But we can look at the budgets and opening weekends of other similar movies and see that Justice League is a) much more expensive than average, and b) much less profitable than it should be for such an enormous cost.

      Even if WB somehow makes some money off it, it’s still a disaster for them. It’s a repudiation of their attempt to get a franchise off the ground, and it’s also horrible PR for them too. Every DC movie for the foreseeable future (except maybe Wonder Woman 2) will be at a disadvantage because the general public are going to be skeptical of their ability to deliver quality.

  • Kronx

    Flashpoint could be a soft reboot, but what really needs to change? The characters and the universe aren’t the problem. In fact, the casting has been one of the few bright spots (with a few notable exceptions).

    The storytelling is the problem. And if DC doesn’t hire quality people it doesn’t matter what they try. It will fail.

    • I do agree with this, it’s the storytelling. But flashpoint could allow them to retcon a few storytelling decisions that went awry.

      • Kronx

        Sure, what HAS to be retconned though?

        • Well other than the possible Batman replacement if you are asking my personal opinion

          Lex Luthor
          Joker (in fact everything about Suicide Squad)
          Jimmy Olsen’s callous death and probably 1-2 other things is all it would take. Some things have definitely worked and other than how he was written in BvS I really like Cavill as Superman. I have heard he is a bit better for the brief time he is in JL, but as said not seen it yet.

          • Kronx

            I can fix all of these without having to use Flashpoint time to do it.

            The man claiming to be Jimmy Olsen was a US operative. He could just as easily have replaced the real Jimmy Olsen to infiltrate the group in BvS while the real Olsen was somewhere else.

            Lex Luthor – recast. Prison changes a guy.

            Joker – recast. He’s injured fighting the Bat and has extensive reconstructive surgery which drives him further insane.

            Lois and Clark – I hated skipping the romance, but I’d rather work from here than sit through a reboot.

            Suicide Squad – No reason to use the same cast moving forward.

          • Well when you put it like that I guess they could fix things justby recasting, it’s happened before and worked just fine. But perhaps the right time to do it so they have an in universe excuse would be after Flashpoint. After all we know it’s already in some kind of development, whether that will go anywhere is another matter.

          • Ryan Johnson

            Flashpoint will not happen. Can you imagine how confusing of a movie this would be for audiences, many of whom might not even have seen JL, especially for the first Flash movie? X-Men did a reboot like this after five other successful movies.

          • Daniel O’Connell

            Cavill, is excellent in the new JL, just seems like the hope is there. Much much better. I never realised Jimmy Olsen was was in BvS.. says it all about that film really..

    • Aaron James

      I’m something of a purist when it comes to serial storytelling – in the sense that if one part of something is abysmal, it generally ruins the entire series. In this case, the DCEU has gotten off to such a rocky start that anything they try to build off it, no matter how great, it will be tainted by what has come before.

      (For instance, they’ll never be able to have Superman draw upon some important life lesson he learned from his father, because his father’s life lessons as depicted in MoS where all terrible. And any attempt to retcon Pa Kent into a nicer guy will ring false.)

      The only part of this franchise that’s salvagable is Wonder Woman, because it’s pretty much entirely disconnected from the other films.

  • DAH

    Deserves WB right for doing all those reshoots on Justice League,…thats why the film cost so much..if they did not have faith in Snyder…why let him finish most of the film?,..they should of just stuck to his vision, instead of letting Whedon take the reigns, he then simplified the plot, so it was like a saturday morning cartoon, got rid of a lot of backstories (including William Dafoe…sacrilige!)..he then reshot all Supes scenes,( hence the terrible mustache effect) changed Clarks ressurection (hence why the lifting soil on the top of the coffin at the end of BVS..now means f**k all!!)..I mean Ive just come back from seeing the film…and its left me feeling frustrated….even if there are things that geeked me out…and I did like the film…but its the mutha f**king ‘Justice League’!..not ‘Transformers 4’….I should of loved it!!

  • CrusaderForever No Regret

    Saw Justice League and enjoyed it. Looking forward to WW2 as well.

  • syambo87

    People say that Marvel has invested character movies before making their Avengers movie… what i think is that WB has already created character Movies… and that this is not its own DCEU but a part of the Superhero line of Films Under the WB family… because with Danny Elfman’s Batman theme from the Original Batman… and the mention about the Penguins and Bombs… can’t help to think that those 2 batman movies are a part of the JL History.. as well as the Reeves Superman… You’d have to watch the old superman and the old Batman to appreciate the hints in the Theme and because of that its an ensemble… which is a nice touch.. especially the last scene in the alley in front of the daily bugle…

    either Justice League is a part of the Batman world OR… Batman and Batman returns is now part of the Justice League Universe…

    I hope they just continue from here… and i hope the Studio Execs just don’t rape the damn movie… who ever decided to agree upon CGI Moustache should be fired… The Close Ups were Horrible… especially when you watch it in IMAX….