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You didn’t think that Han Solo got his last name the same way all of us did, right? The scene in Solo: A Star Wars Story where Han signs up for the Imperial Academy, is actually the scene that sold Disney on the film. For those that don’t know, a Han Solo film was already being developed before George Lucas sold the franchise to Disney. Lawrence Kasdan, who co-wrote the film with his son, Jon Kasdan, recently spoke with CinemaBlend and explained the initial pitch to the Disney Executives.

“Five years ago, when I came onto the thing — and Disney wasn’t on when I came on, then three weeks later, they owned the company — and they came up to Marin [California] and Kathy [Kennedy] got the people who were already working on it to make a five-minute presentation to Bob Iger and Alan Horn and everyone. My presentation was, [Han] comes to an immigration spot and someone asks, ‘What’s your name?’ It’s not just that he doesn’t have a name, which tells you a lot about his history. He says ‘I have no people.’ That to me is so forlorn and so isolating and rife, and the guy fills in his name. Bob Iger said ‘Alright, I’m in.’ That was it. That was the moment. He reacted to it the way I reacted to it, which was, it’s very moving. This was a guy who has nothing. Someone plants a name on him. He doesn’t even know the guy. It sticks for the rest of the saga.”

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Many fans found this scene cringeworthy, and while I can understand why they feel that way, the scene is not something I am going to dwell on. It went along with Han being an orphan, as I doubt Lady Proxima kept good records of her residents, so for me, the scene worked well enough. I find it odd that this scene is the one that sold Iger on the film, the first meeting of Han and Chewy would seem like a much better selling point to me, maybe that’s why I haven’t written any films for Disney.

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Source: CinemaBlend