– by Nick Doll

Have you ever wanted to hear the sweet voice of Arrested Development‘s narrator talk about a Star Wars movie?

Well, now you can with this new “Becoming Solo Featurette” from Lucasfilm, trying to drive up the hype a bit even as another Disney owned studio decimates the box office.

Take a watch now:

There’s a lot here that isn’t in the trailers! We see Han drape his gold dice (seen briefly in 1977’s Star Wars and featured more heavily in The Last Jedi) over a rear view window. They are already his lucky dice at this point in the trailer, which appears to be early in the film, whether he uses them later to win the Falcon from Lando or not.

Han also appears to have served for the Imperials for at least one battle before thinking better of it. Or, is this an undercover mission because later we see Woody and Thandie Newman’s characters in similar gear? If it is the former, than this may be how he met and rescued Chewie.

Finally (but not really, there’s a lot there!), we see a weird pit and the creature that comes out of it that looks like a combination of Jabba and the alien from the trash compactor.

There’s also more footage from a few other scenes. More footage of the train sequence and Solo getting lucky, in classic fashion. More Donald Glover as Lando, most importantly.

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Best of all, there’s an appearance by Lawrence Kasdan, the writer of not only Solo: A Star Wars Story, but also The Empire Strikes Back and The Force Awakens. It’s no surprise that Han Solo is his favorite character, as he’s written some of the character’s most iconic moments, now at three different periods in the character’s life. Oh, and he wrote Raiders of the Lost Ark, and Solo and Jones have a lot in common, even aside from Harrison Ford. Most my faith in this film lies with him the writer.

Yes, I will watch Infinity War numerous more times before I worry about Solo: A Star Wars Story, but the film keeps looking better and better, if you ask me.

How are you feeling about Solo: A Star Wars Story, recently, after more trailers, TV spots, and this featurette? Let us know in the comment section below!

Solo: A Star Wars Story speeds into theaters on May 25, 2018.

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SOURCE: Lucasfilm