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Avengers: Infinity War is quite the achievement. More impressive is that the directors, Joe and Anthony Russo shot the Infinity War and Avengers 4 back-to-back. Quite the undertaking for any director, but the Russos were able to convince Marvel Studios to make their job a little easier.

Talking to Vulture, Anthony Russo explained why Disney and Marvel Studios set out to initially shoot the films simultaneously:

“Look, the idea of blocking these two movies together preexisted our involvement in the project. It was basically a producing choice as a way to afford the most expensive cast ever assembled for film, so you come up with a challenging production model based on that. The creative upside is that, as storytellers, we can use all these amazing actors in a way that’s been unprecedented. But it was like a deal with a devil because it was also very physically difficult.”

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Anthony and Joe then explained why the made the decision to shoot back-to-back instead of simultaneously:

Anthony Russo: And that came from us. Basically, as we began to develop the movies, we could see people around us start to get confused between the two films.

Joe Russo: They were overwhelmed by the amount of story information. It’s significant! And these are culmination films, so there’s a lot of story. As a way to simplify the process, we separated the two films and shot them separately, one after the other. They’re also completely different films.

Anthony Russo: We wanted to make each movie a very specific, different, creative expression.

I’m not sure how different these two films will actually be in the end, but it certainly made it easier on the actors, I’m sure!

What do you think of the Russos’ decision to shoot the two Avengers films back-to-back? Is that what kept them from burning out like Joss Whedon after Age of Ultron? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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SOURCE: Vulture