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By this point, there’re few people that haven’t been at least a little worried about the upcoming Solo: A Star Wars story. Personally, I’ve never liked the idea of exploring the backstory of a beloved character like Han Solo, because anything I imagine my head will likely be way better than anything that could be put to screen. Add into that all the drama surrounding the firing of directors and other production woes, and you have a recipe for doubt and even a little fear.

However, I’ve been thrilled with the footage that we’ve seen so far. I wouldn’t call it perfect, but considering how bad things could be, it looks like it could still be a hell of a lot of fun. Part of that fun, at least to me, comes from very genre feel of the flick, and that wasn’t by accident, as Solo co-writer Jonathan Kasdan told Empire.

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“Part of the challenge is to come up with new, inventive kinds of action we haven’t seen in Star Wars. We often referenced Heat and Thief as high-end criminals doing serious jobs that involve huns and big hijackings.”

The Michael Mann classic heat has been brought up in the past before, but what I really take away from this quote is their desire to bring something new to Star Wars. This, I think, is very important for the franchise. As Marvel has proven, the key to longevity is diversifying a franchise it’s genre. Opened this point, however, Star Wars has largely existed in one genre. This is their big opportunity can branch out so that audiences don’t feel Star Wars burnout.

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SOURCE: Empire

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