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Some ‘Sketchy’ Fantastic Four Casting And Multiverse Rumors | Barside Buzz

In a recent interview actor Paul Walter Hauser admits that poor previous versions gave him doubts about joining The Fantastic Four reboot.

You’re here for some new sketchy Fantastic Four casting plus possible Multiverse rumors. Well the Barside Buzz has been in swing this weekend around Matt Shakman’s Fantastic Four movie. However, as you know, we’ve had every kind of casting rumor around this film you can think of. Therefore, I am leaning on the skeptical side of this fence for now.

Rumors have dried up since the writers and actors strikes began. However, I do find it hard to believe there could be further developments during this time that suddenly appeared. Hence my sketchy title above. Hey, I have no Marvel sources and these insiders I’ll reference do, or claim to do. However, this first one I have to say has me pressing F to doubt.

Insider MTTSH claims that previously tipped actor for Reed Richards, Matt Smith actually passed on the role just before the strike. MTTSH says that she’s heard Marvel are now looking to offer the role to…

Jake Gyllenhaal? The guy who just played Mysterio in Spider-Man: Far From Home, pretending to be from another Universe. Now we get him show up as Reed Richards, and he just happens to look exactly like Mysterio? That would be an extremely bad call in my book. So much so, that I have to say I simply do not buy this one at all. However, that’s just my reaction to the rumor and I’ve certainly been wrong before.

I mean, we shall see, but I will actually be shocked if this turns out to be true. I’m rarely ever shocked by Hollywood these days, so that will be….fun. For now I’d say take more than a pinch of salt on this one.

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Then we have another claim, this time form Grace Randolph. Randolph says that she also heard Smith passed on the role, but thinks Marvel may come back to him with a new offer once the actors strike ends.

I know he’s not a popular choice, but I think Smith would be great as Reed. Quality actor who can play that geeky genius well in my opinion. Reed doesn’t need to look like a model. But hey, that’s just my opinion. Again, I’d take a major dose of sodium with you on this path.

Fantastic Four From The Multiverse

Now on to some claims that the Fantastic Four actually come from another Universe and end up in 616. You’ve heard the idea they came from the 1960’s, but now we have two separate sources saying is not our 1960’s.

Personally, this source below is the one I am most inclined to believe in terms of hit rate. But it’s the same information.

As I’ve said before and as is stated in this post below. There will be no concrete news on the casting of Reed or Johnny until the strike ends. There just can’t be without whoever is announced looking like a scab.

As for the Multiverse angle? I’m cool with this. Instead of going to their own future they end up in the modern day of 616, possibly due to some kind of incursion. This would also avoid having to explain how the FF were not more widely known back in the 60’s of the MCU. I mean Nick Fury, Hank Pym, Howard Stark and Peggy Carter would surely have heard of them? I guess they could have disappeared before they became well known. But I like the Multiverse angle a little more. Hopefully their own Universe gets destroyed, thus forcing them to stay in the MCU.

What do you think of these (possibly sketchy) Fantastic Four casting rumors. What do you think of the Fantastic Four from the Multiverse rumor and do you like that approach for the Four? Thoughts below as always.

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