Sony And Microsoft Should Delay Next-Generation Consoles Until 2021

Should the next generation of consoles be delayed until 2021? I think so.

No matter what anyone says, we are truly in new territory. Sure, there have been other pandemics in the past, but none of truly crippled our economy and ways of life the same way COVID-19 has. We’ve seen industry after industry negatively impacted by this thing, including the film industry and video game industry. From production to release delays, it’s taken its toll in a way few actually expected.

This year is especially important for gamers. The year 2020 is set to be the year that both Sony and Microsoft release their next generation of consoles. By November and December of this year, early adopters were fully expecting to have their hands on either the PlayStation 5 or the Xbox Series X — some even both. 

However, as we enter what is presumed to the peak of the virus (at least in the United States), I’d like to make a controversial proposal. I think these two consoles should be delayed until 2021.

Game Delays — This Generation Not Over Yet

While the video game industry hasn’t been hit nearly as hard as the film industry, its mark has been made. Perhaps the most anticipated game of the year, The Last of Us Part II was been delayed. Much to the chagrin of many fans, it wasn’t even pushed to a specific date, but given an indefinite delay. More recently, The Last of Us Part II creative director Neil Druckmann went on to say that “There hasn’t been any final decision yet” regarding the launch of the game, and that “right now we’re just reacting.”

“Right now we’re looking at all sorts of different options: what’s the best way to get it to all of our fans as soon as possible?” Druckmann continued. “But that’s gonna take time for us to shift and figure things out, and also see where the world’s at.”

I know this game may be an outlier, but given how high-profile it is, we can’t help but wonder if other games could suffer a similar fate. If we see bigger games like Ghost of Tsushima make the same move, we could be seeing more games hit near the end of this year around the time the new consoles are expected.

In my opinion, this could actually hurt both the games and next-generation launches. Gamers will be split between getting a new console with the highest-end games or taking home these triple-A experiences from the current generation.

Production Concerns

It’s also possible that COVID-19 could negatively affect the production of these consoles. Yes, Xbox boss Phil Spencer recently spoke to IGN and talked about how they still plan on hitting those dates, but who knows? We are still currently living in uncharted waters, so overall production is still one big question mark. Can we expect that Chinese factories will be ready to go at 100% come this November?

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It’s possible and perhaps even highly probable. However, even Spencer acknowledges that the industry is straining right now as it adapts to working from home. Even if the consoles are ready, will devs be able to hit their deadlines under these new conditions? If not, could that lead to a launch with few games for gamers to indulge in?

Financial Woes and Relapse Fears

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

And finally, we cannot forget about us, the consumers. This whole thing has put a strain on all of our wallets. While there are many folks who are lucky enough to be working from home, there are some who have been either furloughed or laid off in these tough times as businesses struggle. Even if things are better come November and December, will they be in a financial place to drop $400 to $600 on a new console?

Furthermore, we have no idea what the state of the coronavirus will be following the current pandemic. There is some speculation that the fall and winter will see its return. With that specter lingering, will consumers still be tightening their purse strings? If this is the case, you know Sony and Microsoft will have a difficult time moving consoles. While this may pick up down the line, it’s not the best way to kick off a new generation.


Underpowered PS5

All in all, it’s a trying time for any business. With several games potentially up for later releases, an unpredictable production schedule, and a general foundation of anxiety beyond games, I think it would be better for all parties involved to push the next generation of consoles to 2021. It may not be the most popular idea with hardcore gamers, with all these factors being brought in, it may be the best move from a business perspective.

What do you think? Do you agree with me or is moving back the next generation of consoles a bad idea? Let us know down below!

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SOURCE: Official PlayStation Blogcast

Image SOURCE: Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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