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Hideo Kojima’s prolific video game series, Metal Gear Solid, with its Hollywood-style storytelling and action-packed production value, has always seemed like a perfect fit for the big screen. For some time, we’ve known that Sony has been planning to do just that, and there’s now an update on what’s going on with the project.

It looks like Jay Basu has closed in on a deal to write the flick, after his unproduced screenplay for The Pier got all the right kinds of attention. Based on his work on that screenplay, he also scored a position with Universal Pictures to work on their slate of films based on the studio’s classic monsters. So Basu is seen as a hot young talent, and Sony thinks he’s the man to take Metal Gear Solid to blockbuster status.

What do you think? Is Metal Gear Solid a wise choice for a big screen treatment? How loyal should it be to the games?