– by Emmanuel Gomez

This week on our Source Words segment Jace and Manny are joined by Jordan from the digital comic service ComicBlitz and retailer Brian wells to discuss the sale of Valiant Entertainment to DMG and the effect we feel it will have on the comic books. We also talk about our good friend Dinesh Shamdasani who has resigned as CEO & CCO of Valiant Entertainment and where we feel he can go from here. Last it’s not all doom and gloom we talk about some of our favorite Valiant moments from either the books or comic book shows. Listen in and give us your thoughts on the move in the comment section below!

From left to right Manny, Jace, Archer, Armstrong, Warren Simons & Dinesh Shamdasani

9 Panel Grid

Episode 29 – Source Words

Is This The End of Valiant?


  1. DMG buys Valiant Entertainment
    1. Initial reaction
    2. Upon further reflection
    3. Best case scenario
  2. Dinesh Shamdasani
    1. Where does he go from here?
  3. The Fanbase
    1. Will the go along?
    2. Valiant as a collectible
  4. Favorite VEI moment/memory




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