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Spider-Man: Far From Home Trailer Description From Brazil Comic-Con (CCXP)

We were all waiting eagerly for the first trailer to hit the web on Saturday for Spider-Man: Far From Home, the sequel to Homecoming and the first MCU movie to be released after Avengers: Endgame. Unfortunately there was a decision made to not release the trailer onto the web for everyone, instead it was only shown to those in attendance at Brazil’s CCXP.

However, of all the thousands who were present at the show along with various media outlets, CBM has pulled together a trailer description for Spider-Man: Far From Home. Check out the main points from this trailer below. And if you want to remain spoiler free from even trailers, then best not read on any farther just yet……

Happy and Aunt May are dating And Heading Overseas

It seems the trailer opens with Aunt May seemingly relaxed about Peter’s alter ego as Spider-Man only for Happy Hogan to turn up and make it clear he is dating May in this sequel. I kinda like this little connection, I have to say.

We already know by now that Peter is off to Europe on a school trip with his friends and the trailer makes it clear he chooses to leave his Spider-Man costume at home during this trip. Apparently, Peter is shown in some romantic situations with Michelle played once again by Zendaya. Then we see Peter and Ned in their hotel room and Ned is shot by a knockout dart as Nick Fury arrives on the scene to speak with Peter. It seems Nick has a job for Peter.

Fury wants Peter’s help to battle The Elementals, foes that seem to represent Sandman, Hydro Man, and Molten Man from the comics, but here are called Zephyr, Hydro and Magnum, according to the outlet. The trailer shows various shots of Spider-Man in different suits along with small glimpses of these Elementals.

What about Mysterio?

Yes, Mysterio is in the trailer and surprisingly he is presented as a hero, also engaged by SHIELD to deal with The Elementals and he appears in full comic-accurate costume. Mysterio seems to be playing himself as the great protector here and I’ll talk more about that below. The trailer ends with Flash Thompson making fun of Peter Parker (hopefully it’s wittier than Penis Parker this time). There is no mention of anything related to Infinity War or Endgame, and again I’ll discuss that below.

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Ok so from what I’ve read this is my take on what is going on in Spider-Man: Far From Home. First of all, the fact that there is no mention of either Infinity War or Endgame is unsurprising, but leads me to two possible conclusions. Either Spider-Man: Far From Home is set prior to the events of Infinity War, which I doubt, or everything is reset in Endgame so it’s as if Infinity War never happened. The latter seems to be the most likely scenario, at least for Peter Parker and his perspective, of course, I imagine there are a few surprises in there we are currently unaware of.

Mysterio as a hero is something that’s been done before in comic and cartoon runs. I remember this being the basis for the introduction of Mysterio in the classic Spider-Man cartoon from the 90s. Mysterio was using special effects to make it seem like there were threats to the public which only he as Mysterio could resolve, in time, of course, Spider-Man became suspicious and discovered Mysterio was behind it all, is that what is happening in the movie?

It does remind me of the plot to The Incredibles where Syndrome wanted to get rid of all superheroes so he could pretend to be one himself, He, therefore, created a threat which he believed only he would be able to stop and gain the acclaim of the public. Interestingly in the panel after the trailer was shown Tom Holland said that he and Jake Gyllenhaal get a lot of screen time together and become like “brothers” in the movie.

My take then is that Mysterio is behind The Elementals somehow and doing so to make himself out as a hero, Spider-Man will become friends with Quentin Beck and then discover it was him behind the Elementals all along, at which point the relationship will sour between the two for obvious reasons. But this is just speculation, so make up your own minds how you think this will all play out.

The trailer is expected to hit the web sometime this week before the release of Into the Spider-Verse, until then a description is the best we can do.

Are you excited about Far From Home and what do you think of the footage described in the trailer? Shoot your thoughts into the web of chat below as always.

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