– by Seth McDonald

Just like the origin story of Bruce Wayne’s parents being killed in an alley gets told over and over again in every movie, the same goes for Peter Parker’s uncle Ben. For both characters, it is a crucial element to their backstory and who they eventually become. With the world of comics and superhero movies being so prevalent in pop culture, the re-telling of these aspects of a character’s life can quickly grow old. Chances are if you are planning to go see Spider-Man: Homecoming, then have most likely seen the previous iterations of the character, and are well versed with Uncle Ben’s fate.

Marvel’s Kevin Feige recently spoke with CinemaBlend about the lack of Uncle Ben in, Spider-Man: Homecoming, “The truth is, we want audiences to bring their own…let them fill in those blanks right now. They’ve seen the other films. They’ve read comics. They can fill that in. That was a very purposeful decision we made to not retread that ground. There are little things that are said here and there that people can read into. What the specific facts are in the past, we don’t…we haven’t revealed yet,” said Feige.

This will be the first Spider-Man movie with an already super-powered Peter Parker, and is a nice change of pace from the previous Sony installments, where fans had to sit through the inciting spider bite and the rest of the pre-story. Having already seen the character in, Captain America: Civil War, fans already feel familiar enough that excluding certain elements of his origin is not a huge issue. While still a novice with his abilities, Spidey is already established in the new film and may commence slinging, swinging, and bringing us the Spider-Man film we have always wanted with little delay.

Spider-Man: Homecoming hits theaters July 7, 2017.

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SOURCE: CinemaBlend