SPOILERS: The Post Credit Scene To Bloodshot That We Didn’t Get


Right before all the theaters starting shutting down here in the United States, Sony Pictures released the first film from the Valiant Universe titled, Bloodshot. In this film Vin Diesel stars as Ray Garrison. He is a deceased U.S. soldier that becomes a successful test subject for a cutting edge military experiment. His blood is replaced with nanomachines called nanites. This gives Ray aka Bloodshot abilities like super strength, rapid healing and the ability to access technology. But his vital technology also makes him vulnerable to being manipulated by his makers, Rising Spirit.

Hopefully you are familiar with Bloodshot and the Valiant Universe. It is the third largest comic book universe after Marvel and DC. With characters like X-O Manowar, Quantum and Woody, Ninjak they have told many great stories throughout the years. It was thought that Bloodshot would be the starting point for more Valiant films that would lead to Harbinger Wars. This was one of Valiant Entertainments most famous crossover events.


Unfortunately even before the release of Bloodshot the rights to Harbinger were sold to Paramount by Sony, making the idea of a shared universe unlikely. But even with it looking bleak for a future film, it looks like they did have a plan for a post-credit sequence that would open the Valiant Universe featuring one of the biggest characters from Valiant.

Inverse interviewed Dinesh Shamdasani, who served as Valiant Entertainment’s CEO and Chief Creative Officer until 2018. During that interview he talked about the fantastic sequence and the actor they had in mind saying, “We were talking to Ken Watanabe of coming on board to play [Toyo] Harada.”

During the post credit sequence, Ray would have come face to face with the true antagonist of the Valiant Universe, Toyo Harada. Here it would have also addressed the question of why Bloodshot was created. We would see Bloodshot in his signature comic book look along wit his Desert Eagle handguns and Katana swords.

Shamdasani describes the sequence:
“He’s in an urban environment. He opens the door, and suddenly behind this door, it’s a vast, snowy, landscape. Trees, forest. You see snowflakes coming out the door that intercept our urban environment. He’s super confused.” After this Bloodshot comes face to face with an “unnaturally large dire wolf” that is voiced by Wantabe.

“This dire wolf doesn’t move its mouth, but you hear, telepathically, it speaks,” the producer says. “It’s Harada. He’s talking about the war that’s coming. And Bloodshot has to make a choice.” According to the interview, Diesel was all for this scene, to the point where he was rehearsing it on his own.


Toyo Harada is a billionaire mogul and a very powerful psiot in the Valiant Universe. His superpowers include telepathy, telekinesis and mind control. He establishes the Harbinger Foundation where he recruits and trains other potential psiots. Some have dormant abilities that he attempts to unlock and at times, kills them in the process. Sometimes psiots abilities turn out to be useless to Harada so he sends them somewhere else. He was created by Jim Shooter and Don David Perlin and first appeared in Valiant Comics back in 1993.

Harada is my favorite character in the Valiant Universe and it’s a shame that that scene didn’t make the cut. Overall Bloodshot was a good action film that doesn’t try too hard to impress you with Easter eggs and an overly complicated plot. With it coming out on digital soon, I recommend checking it out as many of us are quarantined in our homes. I have hope that Paramount will continue to develop and make a Harbinger film so that we can get the chance to see this amazing character on screen.

Are you familiar with the Valiant Universe? Let us know in the comment section below!

Sony’s Bloodshot will be available digitally on March 24th, 2020

Source: Inverse

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