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Stallone Uses Bad Feedback For Rambo: Last Blood As A Marketing Opportunity While Rambo Creator Slams The Final Movie

Rambo: Last Blood is not doing well with critics at all, and yet, audience scores are still at a decent 85%. I guess it seems like some fans knew exactly what to expect from a Rambo film and yet critics were looking for something more. To be fair, other than First Blood, no Rambo film has ever really been well received by critics, because they are a little rough in all honesty. Rambo: First Blood Part 2, Rambo 3, and John Rambo were all generic meathead action fests which relied on extreme violence and body count. Did anyone really expect Rambo: Last Blood to be any different?

I loved the Rambo movies growing up, but found them unrewarding once I had grown up, again, other than First Blood, which I maintain is a good movie. I have not seen Rambo: Last Blood yet, but I am not expecting anything other than some gory action as Rambo goes ham on some generic punks. However, Stallone himself seems to have taken the critical backlash in his stride and has turned it into a little marketing opportunity. Stallone posted a promotion for Last Blood on Instagram which you can catch below and as you’ll see, it features some British audience members saying it’s not for them and almost feels like Stallone issuing this to say to Americans that, ‘hey, the Brits are too pansy for this kind of stuff, lets show them how Murica’ does action.” Check it out.

As a Brit am I offended by this move? Not at all, I actually think it’s quite ingenious to be honest, in fact, it almost seems set up, like they went to the poshest cinema in South England and asked some privately educated toff’s to watch a Rambo film, just so they could get stereotypical upper-class British responses. I would be intrigued to know what audience reactions were like in my home town, probably go something like this, ahem, “Aye, I loved it when Rambo tore the guy’s heed aff and used it to beat the other guy to death, it was minted.” If anyone wants that translated below, just ask?

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Now, there is one voice of criticism that may hit home more to Stallone and that is of David Morrell, creator of the Rambo character and author of the First Blood book the character is based on. Check out Morrell’s critique on Twitter below, and if you read the comments he goes into a lot more detail and responds to many questions about the movie.

As you can see Morrell is not happy with the way the movie portrays Rambo. Have you seen Rambo: Last Blood yet, did you think it was a disaster of a movie or just what you expect from a Rambo flick? Hide in the mud and pounce on your opponents in the usual spot below.

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SOURCE: Sylvester Stallone (via Instagram), David Morrell (via Twitter)

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