– by Anthony Esteves

At the start of his career, filmmaker Sam Raimi made a name for himself in the horror genre. He was the mastermind behind the classics Evil Dead and Army Of Darkness. Then, in the mid-90s, he did some cross-genre experimenting, helming the Sharon Stone western The Quick And The Dead and the dramas A Simple Plan and For The Love Of The Game. However, Raimi would go on to make an even bigger impact amongst the devoted fans of comic books.

In 1999, Raimi was selected to direct Sony’s SpiderMan. After getting the job, Raimi was surprised by a suggestion made by them Marvel head of Sony Avi Arad. Raimi reminisces on that moment in a current piece he wrote for The Hollywood Reporter:

“I got the job for SpiderMan in 1999. And [Marvel head] Avi Arad said, ‘I want you to put Stan in the movie.’ And I was like, ‘No. I know Stan, and he can’t act.’ And Avi was, ‘I want him in the movie. We did it for XMen, we’re doing it here.’ Now imagine you’re a minor director in England doing Macbeth and you’re told, ‘Put the writer in the play.’ It sounds absurd. ‘Fine, you want Shakespeare in the play, I’ll put Shakespeare in the play.’ Now it’s one of my favorite parts in the movie.”

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Thankfully, Raimi changed his mind about the cameo. It’s hard to imagine a Marvel film without a Stan Lee cameo today. With the passing of the legendary comic creator, that day will eventually come. Until then, let us bask in the remaining screen time we have with him.

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter.