– by Joseph Jammer Medina

We pretty much know the status of Star Wars for the foreseeable future. Whether fans want it or not, we’re going to be getting movies almost every year from now until the end of time. And these movies all make money — at least they have until this point. What about the other “Star” franchise out there? Of course, I’m talking about Star Trek.

While the franchise has a rabid fanbase, you’d be hard-pressed to find a time when a new project didn’t hit a few speed bumps. This is especially the case with the impending Star Trek 4. This is a film that everyone seemed super pumped about on the heels of Star Trek Beyond, but when that movie failed to perform at the box office, it sort of petered out.

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Now, we know they are working on different drafts of the film, and that one of them is based on an idea from Quentin Tarantino. So will we actually see the current Enterprise crew return? Simon Pegg seems to think so, as he revealed in an interview with The Quietus.

“I know we’re doing more. I’d love to – I love those guys. It’s, of course, difficult because we lost Anton [Yelchin] and moving forward without him still feels unimaginable.”

Yelchin, of course, passed away back in 2016, just prior to the release of Star Trek Beyond. While it is great to hear they plan on moving forward, we can only imagine the sadness they’ll have going forward without Yelchin aboard the Enterprise with them.

But when will this fourth film materialize? That is the ultimate question. While I do think it will happen, it all seems to hinge on the status of the Tarantino project…we’ll just have to be patient.

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SOURCE: The Quietus

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