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It seems a little crazy to be covering potential leaked information for Star Wars: Episode 9 this week, given that almost everyone expects to start seeing official information appear over next weekend at Star Wars Celebration. Celebration begins on April 11 and to say we’d be shocked to not see at least a teaser trailer and title drop at the Episode IX panel would be an understatement.

The information contained below should be considered SPOILERS for Star Wars: Episode 9 so be warned and move along to another story if you want to stay completely SPOILER free!



There was a poster leaked online for Episode 9 last week, which we cannot share images of for legal reasons. However, that certainly hasn’t stopped it being shared around social media and fan forums dime a dozen. One of the more contentious points that was spotted on this poster was a shot of C-3PO wearing Chewbacca’s bandolier and carrying his bowcaster weapon.

I know amongst the staff here that glimpsed the image there was a few collective groans at this “development.” I myself feel pretty neutral about the situation. For a start, my expectations for Star Wars: Episode 9 are….not high. Secondly, I don’t like to dismiss anything until I see it in the context of a story. Regardless of my own opinions, the fans have not exactly been excited by the image.

Today we are sharing some details which might add a bit of context as to why Threepio is Rambo‘d up in Star Wars: Episode 9. Star Wars scoop site MSW has been quick to point out all the leaks they got correct that have been confirmed by the leaked poster image. They said Threepio was wearing the bandolier and they also got the description of the Keri Russell’s character Zorii bang on along with Lando’s attire in the movie. So when they share some new information, I guess we have to take notice.

According to MSW (and they admit their details are vague and incomplete), the main cast visits a droid factory on a snowy planet. Here Threepio has his memory uploaded to Artoo, or Artoo restores Threepio’s memory after it was wiped in Revenge of the Sith (seems unclear). The factory also has battle droids and plenty of Easter eggs for fans to spot. The heroes are helped off the planet by a character wearing Purple and Gold who the outlet believe is Keri Russell’s Zorii character. Also, here is a quote about Threepio’s potential importance to the rumored MacGuffin of Episode 9.

“I was told the MacGuffin isn’t apparent at the start of the film and this is part of how it evolves as the story progresses. Many sources have said that Threepio is pretty important to kicking things off.”

What does this mean?

Anything else said in the report is speculation only on the writer’s part, so let’s do a little speculation of our own, shall we? There seems to be two main theories from fans of where this could be going, and both are perfectly viable given how little we really know.

One – That Threepio’s memories of the events of the prequel trilogy are somehow important, and that there may be some connection to Anakin Skywalker (fans just hope Anakin has something to do with the overarching plot I think). We have heard that the film will try to be the finale of the entire nine movie arc, and that arc heavily concerns Anakin Skywalker. Could Threepio have memories from his past which lead the heroes towards whatever the MacGuffin of this movie is?

Two – That perhaps the MacGuffin is the Rebels weaponizing all the droids of the Galaxy to stand up and fight back against the First Order, essentially giving the Rebel’s an army to combat the overwhelming numbers of the First Order. Remember that for a time Threepio’s body had a Battle Droid’s head upon it and that Threepio’s head was on the Battle Droid’s body from the cinema classic that was Attack of the Clones. I certainly hope we don’t get the “roger, roger” Battle Droids back, I mean really hope.

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Now, I cannot give you any direction as to whether any of these guesses are correct, both of them may be total nonsense, you have to decide for yourself how to interpret the information here. The only thing we can perhaps say is that there is a good chance that the brief pieces of leaked information are genuine, even if incomplete. Maybe we will have some more answers after Star Wars Celebration‘s Episode IX panel in just over a weeks’ time?

What do you think of this information, does any of this sound like a good idea to you, and how excited are you really for Star Wars: Episode 9?

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