– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Ever since Disney announced that they were resurrecting the then-dormant Star Wars franchise and bringing in the potential for spinoff films, fans have been waiting to see an Obi-Wan film come to fruition.

The film would potentially cover the Jedi Master’s untold adventures while on the planet of Tatooine, and honestly could go a number of different directions. But of course, that and the fact that the film itself hasn’t even been confirmed yet hasn’t stopped fans from showing off their creative enthusiasm. The latest one comes in the form of a poster from Reddit user Rikard_. Here’s what he came up with:

Kenobi movie confirmed yet? I’m not sure but I made a poster anyway from StarWars

I gotta say, I really am digging the aesthetic he put together here. If you’re like me (which, chances are, you’re not), and you’ve been collecting posters for U.S. national parks, you may have noticed sort of a vintage trend going on with them. This very much resembles that basic style, which I love.

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Will we actually get an Obi-Wan movie, though? That remains to be seen. As of right now, Lucasfilm has its hands full with Solo: A Star Wars Story, their first character-focused spinoff. The movie has famously had massive production problems, which were incited by the original directors handling the character differently from what they were hoping.

This may have given Lucasfilm pause in going ahead with other character-focused films. They may be waiting to see how Solo does before actually making decisions.

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SOURCE: Reddit

  • TheOct8pus

    I’m not sure if I like the title though… how about “Old Ben”? Make it a wacky comedy about a dude going senile in a crazy desert world…or like Bad Grandpa but with a Jedi

    • Kindofabigdeal

      What if Old Ben was another crazy old guy who lived down the hut from Obi Wan. In a series of mistaken identity a bounty hunter who believes he’s found the most wanted jedi in the galaxy brings a crazy old hermit before Vader, and gets choked for it. Meanwhile Obi Wan goes on a series of wackiness in the desert.

      • TheOct8pus

        That sounds amazing. A screwball comedy – a la Naked Gun, or Johnny English – where the bumbling idiot somehow manages to save the day by accident even though he’s completely inept, but thankfully the villains are kinda dumb too

    • Victor Roa
    • Rad4Cap

      “Make it a wacky comedy about a dude going senile…or like Bad Grandpa but with a Jedi”

      They already did that – its called “The Last Jedi”


      • Moby85

        This was the type of moment I didn’t like in the film. Some weird sentient creature gets “milked” by Luke who then makes this face. The comedy was a big miss for me in the film, though I haited the “Hold for Hux” even worse.

        • TheOct8pus

          This scene was so weird. Both Luke and the Walrus look at Rey in a kind of creepy, “what’re you looking at” way

          • Rad4Cap

            Worse, I thought that was more a ‘What are you waiting for?’ look to Rey from the Walrus.

          • TheOct8pus

            Haha!! Like, “You want some of this sweet, fishy milk?”

      • TheOct8pus

        Mmmm…space walrus milk. I bet it tastes fishy

      • armyof100clowns

        This scene reminded me of the sequence in The Shining where Wendy is hysterically running about The Overlook and comes across the dude being blown by the man in a dog/bear costume.

        • Rad4Cap

          Interestingly enough, I recently discovered the fact that The Shining was released the SAME weekend as Empire Strikes Back. Talk about weird counter-programming!

          It’s odd too because I always thought The Shining was released earlier – like 75 or 77. It has such a distinct 70s feel and sensibility – making it seem much older to me, rather than actually being an 80s film.

          • armyof100clowns

            Yup – the films were shot concurrently with ESB having to give up some studio space after The Shining had a devastating set fire. Supposedly ESB and Shining also shared fake snow (Hoth base interiors and the pursuit through the hedge maze/Jack’s frozen corpse scene).

          • Rad4Cap

            Tangentially related – I’ve always wondered if Empire is where Whedon got the idea for Buffy the Vampire Slayer. From Wired:

            “Yoda was originally named Buffy. No, really. In Lucas’ earliest outlines for the sequel, Luke meets a supernatural entity named Buffy, or Bunden Debannen. Here’s how Lucas described it: Buffy very old — three or four thousand years. Kiber crystal in sword? Buffy shows Luke? Buffy the guardian.”

    • Yerko Vidal Cvitanic

      or Old Ben like more LOGAN (old wolverine) … aaaaaah ,,, aaaaah

      • TheOct8pus

        That would actually be cool – an old, grumpy, ultra-violent Obi Wan…

  • Yerko Vidal Cvitanic
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