– by Seth McDonald

Fan activism to change blockbuster films are popular right now. One movement is trying to remove Star Wars: The Last Jedi from official Star Wars canon (sorry, not happening). The other is for a film that also seemed to split the fandom, Justice League.

The website www.forsnydercut.org is lobbying for Warner Bros. to release a Zack Snyder version of the movie. The website is currently under construction, but should be fully up and running in roughly four days, as they have a countdown timer on the site’s homepage.

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Joss Whedon came in and took over directing duties for Zack Snyder who had to leave production due to a family tragedy, and since the film’s release fans have wanted a cut of the film from the man who has guided the DCEU since its inception.

I enjoyed Justice League and thought it was a huge improvement over Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (though I didn’t hate the film by any means). Justice League still suffered from the usual problems know to DC films, but I thought the cast was great and they really cut down the on the pacing issues. Having said all that, I would still like to see a Snyder cut of the film, if for no other reason than pure curiosity.

Do you want to see a Snyder cut, or are you happy with the released version? Let us know in the comments down below!

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Source: forsnydercut.org

  • Smerdyakov

    Someone should do a cut of Dawn of Justice that deletes the stuff that was supposed to happen in Justice League which never did, like Superman turning evil and the Flash coming back to warn Batman.

    • axebox

      That’s an interesting idea. Although I feel they will just save the universe building stuff from that movie for another time, even though it didn’t happen in Justice League.

      • Smerdyakov

        Yeah but I really want to see the Injustice League.

  • Kindofabigdeal

    First we hate Snyder for ruining DC, now we want his cut. We hate JL, but now we want a longer version. We hate the new Star Wars, but now it’s everyone’s favorite.
    Bipolar fans are the worst.

    • David Copeland

      Agreed – everyone was ready to string up Snyder after Man of Steel, and Dawn…they couldn’t believe he was still on board ‘ruining’ their property. Now that they saw the movie, all blame for whatever they wanted it to be, and wasn’t, is transferred to Whedon. The blueprint was Snyder’s. What a fickle, fool-hearty lot ‘fans’ are…

  • M@rvel

    Justice League sucked but a Zack Snyder cut isn’t going to make it any better…

    • Kindofabigdeal

      Well the BvS made it better in mine and a lot of other peoples opinion. Since I didn’t find JL that bad in its initial cut I would be curious to see this get a release. But I feel that making a website is more over the top than Stallone with his hand turned back.

      • M@rvel

        The ultimate edition fixed some issues, but it couldn’t fix the Martha issue which is the worst/dumbest part of the whole movie, and that was all Snyder in either version of the film.

      • syambo87

        where’s the website to Remove Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull from Canon? that movie was nauseating…

  • Victor Roa

    I would want to see the horse back riding accident Sean Young where she broke her collar bone in ’89 Batman, It’s nice to want things for over 28 years.

  • syambo87

    2 Major flaws in Justice League for me are that…

    1. the JL movie is in a universe where BvS movie doesnt Exist… They hated superman.. then they liked him and have videos of him? also… Clark Kent had a funeral… so how is it he goes back to work at the Daily Bugle.. or helps Martha Kent move back to her house.. would’t people think he’s a ghost or something?

    2. all three boxes being hidden on earth is ridiculous in terms of story telling… if the green lantern exist why not scatter it across the universe… they know what happens when its close together… why not keep it as far away as possible from each other? Good reason to actually include a Green Lantern when he flies across the universe simply to say the Box on the Other End was Stolen and Steppenwolf is on his way to Earth… this really bugged me… and i thought was really really stupid… if they make a snyder cut but the snyder cut doesnt fix these issues… then no need for a snyder cut… its going to be bad anyways