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Awhile ago, when the title of Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi was released, we had some debate as to whether or not the term “Jedi” could be the plural form or singular. In fact, our very own Joseph Jammer Medina and I had an extensive conversation which I shared with our readers — and I shall share a portion of it again: *note* We clearly write shorthand in Twitter DM’s.

Drew Carlton: the last jedi huh, how do you feel about the title?

Joseph Jammer Medina: it’s fine. I honestly have very few feelings. I’mcurious what it means.

Drew Carlton: it must mean either luke or rey right?

Joseph Jammer Medina: it’s interesting

Joseph Jammer Medina: yeah, I’m assuming…but there’s a good chance it doesn’t really mean a Jedi specifically

Drew Carlton: howso? Joseph

Jammer Medina: plural of Jedi is jedi

Drew Carlton: hmmm

Drew Carlton: that would be misleading to most audiences though

Joseph Jammer Medina: not necessarily. that’s like saying return of the Jedi is misleading

Joseph Jammer Medina: Return of the Jedi can’t just mean Luke since Luke was never a Jedi before that

Drew Carlton: i always saw return of the jedi as return of luke, well, return of the jedi becoming luke, like they were gone, then luke… but i see your point

Joseph Jammer Medina: I think there may be a less tangible meaning to it, because it wouldn’t make sense for The Last Jedi to happen halfway through a trilogy

Point well taken Jammer, because today thanks to the IGN German media outlet, and to a Spanish media outlet we have our proof. Check out these official new banners:

In German "Die Letzten Jedi" is plural, if it was singular it would read "Der Letzte Jedi"

In German “Die Letzten Jedi” is plural, if it was singular it would read “Der Letzte Jedi”

In Spanish "los últimos Jedi" is plural, and the singular version would be "el último Jedi"

In Spanish “los últimos Jedi” is plural, and the singular version would be “el último Jedi”

This new information does still beg the question of just who are The Last Jedi! Most would say Luke and Rey with the possibility of Kylo switching over to the light. However, there are another few possibilities that could be added to this as well. Leia is an obvious choice, and I have always wanted to see her go “full Force,” plus we know that Carrie Fisher’s role was finished filming before her untimely death. Another possibility is that Finn may be more gifted than we think. He has shown to be able to use a light saber, although other people without a connection to the force have as well.  There is also the 1000 year old creature Maz Kanata, and even though she said that the Force was not her way — one never knows.

At this point, I dare not even speculate further, but we will know for sure in 10 months from this very day. So who do you think it could refer to? Let’s hear from our readers! Could Kylo Ren turn to the light, or has he gone, as the saying goes, “Full Kylo Ren.” Heh.

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Source: IGN Germany, StarWarsSpain


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