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Back when Disney first acquired Lucasfilm several years ago, they made one big controversial move: They essentially erased all non-film stories from the canon of the franchise. The downside was that all the content consumed by fans was all for naught, but the upside was that there was no more canon quagmire for Disney to wade through, which I personally think was a good thing. It would allow them to start afresh.

What’s more is that Disney still owns the rights to those “Legends” stories, and are able to pick and choose what they want to bring into the canon. Thus far, they’ve managed to bring in the likes of Thrawn from the novels into their series, and it sounds like for their Boba Fett film, Lucasfilm may be considering adapting the Daniel Keys Moran-written novel Last One Standing, as the writer revealed to Star Wars Interviews:

“I’ve had a guy at Disney email me a couple times over the years regarding Lucasfilm adapting Last One Standing into a Fett movie. Not asking permission, they own those works, just letting me know they were thinking about it. So that was kind. But after Solo stiffed, apparently there’s some question about the Fett movie being made.”

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Obviously, at this point, this news may not be entirely kosher. While we don’t doubt Moran’s word, the performance of Solo did certainly seem to be a call for some sort of change — at least on the anthology front. There have been rumors in weeks past regarding them pumping the brakes on standalone projects, and while there have since been claims debunking this, we’re sure there was at least some kernel of truth to it.

What do you think of these claims of a novel adaptation for the Boba Fett film? Have you had a chance to read Last One Standing? Let us know down below!

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SOURCE: Star Wars Interviews

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