– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Mark Hamill has made no secret of the fact that he had some serious misgivings about the role of Luke Skywalker in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. He famously said he fundamentally disagreed with what Rian Johnson did to the film, and more recently, we reported him saying that this was not his Luke Skywalker.

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However, it looks like in a recent interview with IMDb, he’s at least saying, despite his misgivings, he is a fan of how the final product turned out. Here’s what he said:

“I’ve had trouble accepting what he saw for Luke, but again, I have to say, having seen the movie, I was wrong.”

Given that all these stories and interviews are coming out at a rapid-fire pace now that the film is out, it’s very difficult to establish a timeline of when actors said what thing. As a result, it’s hard to tell if his comments about this Luke Skywalker not being his Luke Skywalker is more or less recent than the comments above.

Obviously, the treatment of Luke Skywalker is something that has been hotly-debated among fans. You need look no further than the comments on a lot of our stories to see that a lot of viewers were not okay with his less-than-heroic behavior in Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

While the debate rages on, it does seem like that, when all said and done, Hamill was pleased with the end result of the film.

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  • Triple M

    Wow.. that was quick.
    Alarm bells must be going off.

    • DAH

      Yes hes most probably been pulled in to the Disney Execs office and had a bollocking for giving the film ‘bad press’….unintentionally obviously…poor Hamill you can tell he hates the film haha

    • Lenin1959

      “Hello Mark. This is your Disney Overlord. We all know the truth. You know the truth. But you also told the truth. Never tell the truth, Mark. Never. How did you like waking up today with the head of your favorite horse next to you? Just a warning, Mark. We are business people. Make good business. Forget about the truth.” And then Mark went online again and we got THIS.

      • syambo87

        No… No…that’s not true… its impossible!!!… not my favorite Horse… NOOOOO!!!!!!!”

        • Lenin1959

          He had it coming. Dark Lord Kathleen Kennedy found his lack of faith disturbing.

  • TheFrank

    Backpedal, Backpedal, Backpedal!

    TLJ is currently at 76% domestic revenue to where TFA was at this time. For perspective, Attack of the Clones was ultimately 70% domestic revenue of Phantom Menace. Surprisingly, Empire Strikes Back was 68% compared to A New Hope (aka “Star Wars”). All of that is not adjusted for inflation (TLJ, for instance, having the benefit of 2 years worth of ticket price inflation compared to TFA, AOTC had 3 years on TPM, etc.)

    At this point, it’s hard to see TLJ topping TFA in domestic revenue although it’s not impossible. TLJ can still rely upon the Christmas / New Year’s Eve vacation period to cushion it’s 2nd weekend drop but the downside is that TFA had the same calendar advantages as well.

    Realistically, the best that Disney can hope for is a 70%+ hold for TLJ versus TFA. They’ll probably also want to beat Jurassic World which, at the moment, is comparable to TLJ in domestic revenue. In all honesty, though, they may start to prepare themselves for a 60% to 65% hold.

  • Deathstroke936

    Of course he was wrong… Ghost Force Luke depends on it…

  • Moby85

    Of all my problems with TLJ Luke’s arc was one of the least among them. I felt it made a lot of sense. Could he have gone the other way and stayed hero boy? Sure. But his route in this film was plausible. I both understand why he had a gut reaction against the character – and why he likes the final result.

  • Brock Richards

    Mark thinks it sucks, that’s obvious from the many different interviews he’s given going way back until now. If he’s softening his stance it’s because Kathleen Kennedy and Disney execs have stopped counting their box office receipts long enough to wag their fingers at him and remind him that he better change his tune or his ghost force appearances in episode 9 (and paycheck with profit participation backend) can all go away while they dust off the Yoda puppet for yet another cameo! Keep those flags of discontent flying Mark, the fans are on your side!

  • Aaron James

    It’s not at all clear that Hamill hates the movie. Every time I’ve backtracked one of these statements, there turns out to be a context that makes it less cut and dry. I was even linked to one video that turned out to have been heavily edited. When I found the original, he was talking about the Transformers franchise, not Star Wars. He’s also said a whole bunch of very positive things about the film and rian johnson, both on his twitter and in the press, prior to this IMDB interview.

    To be fair, it is clear he has misgivings about the whole thing, and a very personal view of who Luke Skywalker is that didn’t jive with what Rian Johnson wrote.

    But the really important question is: why should I care? Why is Mark Hamill’s opinion the one I should look to when deciding the validity of my own? That’s not a knock on him. He seems like a really great guy. But I’m 100% fine disagreeing with him on this (and it’s not even clear that I am disagreeing with him).

  • mhrinda

    Ring Ring
    Mark this is Disney
    If you want to be involved in anything star wars we do again retract your comments.
    Hamill responds ok I can lie
    This is the Luke Skywalker everyone is looking for.
    NONSENSE. Speak the truth brother.

  • CrystalClearTruth

    The film is not canon. who cares?

  • Kindofabigdeal

    K. Kennedy: You, like this franchise, no belong to me.

  • Ian Finnimore

    As damage control by Disney or apology to those upset I’d accept a limited episode CGI back story voiced by Mark – overlooked by Dave Filoni
    or a rejigged 1313 game starring Luke post Jedi – being a badass.

    The Luke flashback was each others version of events so it’s possible Luke didn’t attack a person in their sleep at all but at the moment Luke needlessly looks like a chump unfortunately..

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