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Star Wars Rumor: New Luke Skywalker Details For The Last Jedi?

Well it’s been nearly 2 weeks since we have had any new leaks or rumors for Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Shocking! But fear not, the hype train is still in high gear for possibly the most anticipated film of the year.

The folks over at Making Star Wars have published some new supposed leaks and some rumor which we can share with you today. As always with this stuff, there is no confirmation, but we must tread with caution for those that wish to know nothing going in, so…

Spoiler Warning!




The outlet is reporting they have some information on some of the gear that Luke Skywalker uses during the film. Sorry folks, but as of now there is still no sight of Luke’s green lightsaber…yet.

The information they do have concerns other items Luke supposedly uses in the movie. 
A marble compass in a box – Luke uses this compass whilst on Ahch-To and waves his hand Jedi-style over the box to open it. Inside is a compass, the interior has metallic dials with Aurebesh (Star Wars writing system) writing inside which could refer to the Ahch-To equivalent of North, South, East and West, with a needle pointing the way. It reportedly looks very pretty and ornate and the outlet speculates it may be important due to the level of detail on the prop itself. Is Luke Looking for something on this planet? Could this be the big tree we saw spy photos of from the shoot, which does appear to be on Ahch-To and had the Falcon parked up not far from it?
Luke also has a backpack with netting, water and kindling for making camp possibly? Additionally, Luke carries two other things, a walking stick and a cattle prod-like device which could be used to scare off animals without causing them harm. The walking stick attaches to his belt where you would expect to see his lightsaber. Could the lightsaber be hidden within the walking stick? Who knows? That last bit’s just speculation on my part.

The information contains no major revelations, but appears reasonable enough to assume the source is strong with this one. See what I did there?

Now onto some information which is definitely in rumor category. The outlet is less concrete on these details, but one of their sources claims that towards the end of the movie, Luke will be going after Snoke, and Rey going after Kylo Ren for a showdown. Now the context  of this is unknown even by the source, so this could be the plan for Episode IX after the events of this film, or it could be part of the final act of this movie.

Now if I was to speculate, which I shall, I would say that it’s more likely that the events of this movie change the way Luke thinks about the Galactic conflict happening. Perhaps Luke’s emotional journey ends with him deciding it is time for the Jedi to fight once again. He decides to go after the Master, while sending his new apprentice after his nephew, to be concluded in Episode IX.

It does lead into the idea that this film will be about the emotional redemption of Luke Skywalker. We know from the teaser and the events of The Force Awakens that Luke has hidden himself on Ahch-To and withdrawn from Galactic affairs. He may also be reluctant to train Rey at first, after all “The Jedi must end!” Luke says.

Will The Last Jedi’s core story be the emotional redemption of Luke Skywalker from isolated hermit back to Galactic savior?

Let us know your own speculative thoughts in the comments below.

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SOURCE: Making Star Wars

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