– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Ever since the release of the much-maligned Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, the character Jar Jar Binks has faced the perpetual hatred of fans worldwide. All of a sudden a franchise that brought joy to kids and adults alike seemed to be bending over backwards to appeal to the lowest denominator of fans. Jar Jar was a prime example of an older man trying to appeal to a younger audience without ever actually understanding what younger audiences enjoy (on a sidenote, the Wachowskis seem to have a similar problem).

Jar Jar has since stood out as a shining beacon of the franchise of what Star Wars filmmakers should never do in the future, be it in the books, comics, TV shows, or films. In fact, the character exudes such a negative reaction from fans that he’s already been used by actors and filmmakers of what to avoid. Most recently, actor Alan Tudyk stated that in his approach to Rogue One’s K-2SO, he tried as best as he could to steer away from anything even remotely Jar Jar-like.

All the same, fans seemed to have the last laugh with Jar Jar, for in Episode III, the Gungan proposed giving Chancellor Palpatine emergency power, cementing the Sith Lord as the leader of the First Galactic Empire.

But what ever happened to Jar jar? He was at Padme’s funeral, but where did he go after? Like a lot of fans, I can’t fathom he would have survived long under the rule of the Emperor, but in the Star Wars universe, you just never know.

The reveal of what actually happened to Jar Jar comes in Chuck Wendig’s upcoming novel Star Wars Aftermath: Empire’s End. The folks at Mashable had an early look at the novel, and in it, they claim that Jar Jar is seen by the character Mapo as a street performer on Naboo. Jar jar goes on to talk in the same ridiculously annoying way he always has. In his short sob story, he says that he isn’t exactly the most popular creature on Naboo, and that many of its citizens blame him for the rise of the Empire.

It’s a sad, somewhat tragic tale to the poor clown, but we’re sure that many fans will be happy to hear of his downfall and fade into obscurity.

I think it’s time to rule out your tin foil hat conspiracies of him potentially being a Sith Lord. This one just isn’t in the cards.

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SOURCE: Mashable

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