– by Joseph Jammer Medina

The writers of the “Flash” TV show seem to having a blast in the writer’s room. After a stellar first season, things only seem to be getting bigger and more convoluted–which actually seems to be like a good thing in this case. Why bother sticking to one timeline when you can blow open the entire multiverse? After all, you are dealing with Flash here, and what better character is there to open this door?

Our first glimpse of this came at the end of season one, where we got some hints that season two may actually not fully take place in the same universe. Last month at Comic-Con, the filmmakers confirmed that this would be the case. 

“This year we will be introducing characters from Earth-Two,” executive producer Greg Berlanti said. With that, we could of course expect to get introduced to several Earth-Two characters.

Among the list of characters is Jay Garrick, who comic book fans will know was the original Flash of the Golden Age of comic books. Now CW has released a first look at the character–and in quite the awesome fashion, too! 

Check out the photo below!

As you can see, CW has replicated a cover from an old 1961 issue of “The Flash,” where Barry Allen teamed up with Jay Garrick. I’ve never read the particular issue myself, but according to the good folks over at Screen Rant, this issue was meant to offer the Golden Age heroes “their own updated origin stories with a much more believable science-fiction explanation.”

“The Flash” TV show has proven time and again that they’re incredibly happy to steal everything they possibly can from the source material. From the series’ tone to the upcoming multiverse, it seems that trend is continuing in the next season. Of course, with this introduction of the multiverse, there is a concern that things can get overly-convoluted. All we can do is hope that this is a pitfall that the series avoids. Though with all the tie-ins the series may end up having with “Legends of Tomorrow,” that may be a tall order indeed. I only hope they can keep up the strong writing for this show so it doesn’t go the way of “Arrow.”

“The Flash” returns to the CW on October 6, 2015 at 8pm. 

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