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Star Wars: The Last Jedi has officially hit theaters, and with it came some answers and some deflections. Here we figured we’d list out the big ones for you to peruse through and discuss.

This goes without saying, but SPOILER ALERT!






Rey’s Parentage (Answered…Sort Of)

After two years of speculation, we finally got the answer to this question that has plagued messageboards worldwide. No, Rey is not a Skywalker. No, Rey is not a Kenobi. No, Rey is not an Erso. No, Rey is not a part of any family we know.

In fact, Rey is not a part of any family anyone knows. Rey’s family is made up of by nobodies — just a couple of poor folk who traded away their kid for money and abandoned her on the junk planet of Jakku. In a bit of a twist, the film goes out of the way to paint just how unspecial her lineage is, and in a way, subverts the entire franchise’s fascination with the Skywalkers.

While I personally found this to be interesting and refreshing, it didn’t help too much with this other unanswered question I had about…

Rey’s Strength (Not Answered)

When The Force Awakens hit theaters, Rey’s character was accused of being a Mary Sue. She’s strong, noble, and incredibly Force-sensitive for someone who knew nothing about the Force. She managed to overpower Kylo Ren, and proficiently wield a lightsaber with exactly zero training.

This led me, and many others, to speculate that she had been trained by Luke, and then had her memory erased when Luke’s Jedi Temple was destroyed.

That didn’t happen. Instead, as mentioned above, we were left with a character with no training, no strong bloodline, and no way for us to realistically believe how she’d gotten so strong with the Force. Granted, upon looking back on The Force Awakens, it seems very clear why she’d be physically strong, it seems we are to assume she’s just so naturally innate with the Force, that it helped her when it counted most.

Supreme Leader Snoke’s Origins (Not Answered)

Fans were out of their minds excited to find out what the deal was with Supreme Leader Snoke. Who is he? Is he a Sith? Is he someone we know from the Star Wars canon? What was his relationship with the Emperor? How did he come to lead the First Order?

Sadly, exactly zero of these questions were answered, and it seems likely that exactly zero of these questions will be answered in the future because Snoke unexpectedly bit the dust when Kylo Ren turned on him and sliced him in half.

And speaking of Kylo Ren…

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  • Re, Reys Power

    I think it’s kinda explained by Snoke tha he expected the light side to balance out. He just thought it would be Skywalker. Not saying that’s good enough mind.

    • Nattown

      The problem is that she’s so much stronger than everyone else that there is no balance. They beat us in the head with stories of Anakin’s training but Rey had exactly two and a half lessons and was feared by the man trained by Luke Skywalker. She was using mind tricks without ever actually hearing or being told of them.

      • Kay

        Is she so much stronger than Kylo? They seem pretty evenly matched when Kylo isn’t bleeding profusely from his side. I think the way this story is headed is the idea of two extremely powerful, but also untrained force users. Luke himself admits she has more raw power than he’s seen. I don’t understand why people find such issue with this.

      • Gabber Chylde

        I agree with you Nattown. I mean in TFA Kylo flat out states that she was UNTRAINED! But her defenders went on for 2 years throwing out every excuse as to why she was able to use the force without training. All those excuses were false. If they paid attention to what Kylo said earlier in the film, they wouldn’t have spent 2 years wasting their time.

        Now she is the “balance” of light to Kylo’s dark. This is the biggest cop out yet. Kylo had to be trained in the force to EARN his abilities while MaRey Sue just gets stronger without the training and not EARNING her abilities in the force. How cheap is that?


    It seems like Abrams and Johnson had some very different visions for the trilogy. Abrams gave us these open ended questions (like the first season of Lost) and Johnson either tossed them aside or gave weak answers.

    I loved this movie. I’m glad it blew up so much of the star wars dogma that was created by the prequels. But I wish there was more continuity between Force Awakens and Last Jedi.

    • Kay

      Did Abrams ask the questions though? Rey’s parents, I agree was a question that was asked and answered. I’d argue not weakly, but rather not the way many fans wanted (because they wanted connection to the original films out of nostalgia). But I don’t know if Snoke’s backstory was a question that was asked. He clearly wasn’t the real bad guy in the end of this trilogy, so why does it matter who he is? Without the prequels we would have never known who the emperor was — did we care? No.

  • Nattown

    I have a theory that Rian or whomever looked at initial reactions to Force awakens and tried everything they could do to avoid fans being right. The end of the Skywalker bloodline in no way should have ended in this movie. I would have been completely fine with it ending next movie. It’s one thing to be refreshing but Star Wars is a film series where we expect certain things and those expectations being met are the payoff.

    Example..we sat through Phantom Menace and then the next two that I enjoyed to get to Vader. To get to the naming of Luke and Leia. Characters we knew all of our lives… literally. While Yoda and the Emporer were powerful we have been taught through episode 1 through 8 that the Skywalker bloodline is special. Rey being Luke’s daughter wouldn’t have hurt this film or franchise, instead it would have been satisfying. They could go to new, fresh new places with Rey Skywalker who didn’t know her father well enough for us to have to hear about him for the next five movies..like Luke and Leia didn’t know their parents.

    I’m going to see the movie once more before I surrender final judgement but I’m on the fence about decisions that were made in this movie. I’m just hoping that Kylo telling her that her parents were nobodies was equivalent to Luke and Leia kissing.

    • Kay

      I’m confused… The Skywalker blood line didn’t end. I mean the name did, but Kylo very much has Skywalker blood. And I don’t think there is anything wrong with Rey being a “no one.” If anything, it fits more with the theme of heroes can come from anywhere and don’t need special heritage to be powerful and consequential. I hated the idea of Rey coming from some characters we already knew. This trilogy should be it’s own thing, with it’s own unique characters and themes.

      • Nattown

        If it should be of its own thing, why call it Star Wars?

  • Kronx

    In the beginning of Force Awakens Rey fights off two goons with a staff and has no fear at the idea of taking on a stranger, Finn. I think we can assume she’s had weapons training of some sort. Given that she resides in a wasteland populated by scum, it makes sense that she would have battle proficiency. That would probably include sword training.

    She overpowered Kylo in TFA because he had been gutshot by a Chewie’s bowcaster and was bleeding out.

    One question that bugs me… the Republic is the galactic government, and they support the Resistance’s fight against the First Order. Does the Republic not have a military? Shouldn’t they be directly fighting the group trying to destroy it? Seems weird.

    And also, who’s paying for the First Order? The Sith don’t have any money, so clearly there’s a cabal of systems backing the idea of an Empire. Probably the same ones that did so in the Prequel Trilogy.

    Do Dreadnaughts not have shields?

    • Weresmurf

      Also, Star Destroyers by design literally have dozens upon dozens of turbo lasers… from the official Starwars Wiki:

      “60 Taim & Bak XX-9 heavy turbolaser batteries, 60 Borstel NK-7 ion cannons, and 10 Phylon 07 tractor beam projectors dotted its gray hull.”

      And the Dreadnought has what, 12??? Or was it 24? I mean either way, come on… even Star Destroyers had to have their shield generators taken down first before anything could be done, Lucas at least played with the idea of tactics having to be performed before any result achieved. Disney is just playing fast and loose, letting anything happen.

  • Victor Roa

    the force did awaken.

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