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Star Wars: The Last Jedi has officially hit theaters, and with it came some answers and some deflections. Here we figured we’d list out the big ones for you to peruse through and discuss.

This goes without saying, but SPOILER ALERT!






Rey’s Parentage (Answered…Sort Of)

After two years of speculation, we finally got the answer to this question that has plagued messageboards worldwide. No, Rey is not a Skywalker. No, Rey is not a Kenobi. No, Rey is not an Erso. No, Rey is not a part of any family we know.

In fact, Rey is not a part of any family anyone knows. Rey’s family is made up of by nobodies — just a couple of poor folk who traded away their kid for money and abandoned her on the junk planet of Jakku. In a bit of a twist, the film goes out of the way to paint just how unspecial her lineage is, and in a way, subverts the entire franchise’s fascination with the Skywalkers.

While I personally found this to be interesting and refreshing, it didn’t help too much with this other unanswered question I had about…

Rey’s Strength (Not Answered)

When The Force Awakens hit theaters, Rey’s character was accused of being a Mary Sue. She’s strong, noble, and incredibly Force-sensitive for someone who knew nothing about the Force. She managed to overpower Kylo Ren, and proficiently wield a lightsaber with exactly zero training.

This led me, and many others, to speculate that she had been trained by Luke, and then had her memory erased when Luke’s Jedi Temple was destroyed.

That didn’t happen. Instead, as mentioned above, we were left with a character with no training, no strong bloodline, and no way for us to realistically believe how she’d gotten so strong with the Force. Granted, upon looking back on The Force Awakens, it seems very clear why she’d be physically strong, it seems we are to assume she’s just so naturally innate with the Force, that it helped her when it counted most.

Supreme Leader Snoke’s Origins (Not Answered)

Fans were out of their minds excited to find out what the deal was with Supreme Leader Snoke. Who is he? Is he a Sith? Is he someone we know from the Star Wars canon? What was his relationship with the Emperor? How did he come to lead the First Order?

Sadly, exactly zero of these questions were answered, and it seems likely that exactly zero of these questions will be answered in the future because Snoke unexpectedly bit the dust when Kylo Ren turned on him and sliced him in half.

And speaking of Kylo Ren…

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