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Ben Solo & The Knights of Ren (Partially Answered)

What’s the deal with Ben Solo? We did see glimpses of him in a flashback with Luke Skywalker. We saw his conflicted nature, and we saw the exact moment where he committed to the Dark Side, and that was when he found Luke Standing over him with a lightsaber.

But what about the Knights of Ren? In The Force Awakens, we saw the Knights of Ren standing in front of an inferno, but they were nowhere to be seen in The Last Jedi. How did Ben join them, what did they do for him, and where are they now?

Finally, how did Kylo end up coming under Snoke’s wing, and how did he rise through the ranks of the First Order so quickly? With Snoke gone, and his importance to the plot cast to the side, we don’t think we’ll be getting an answer to that anytime soon.

Why Luke Went AWOL (Answered)

This is probably the question we had answered most thoroughly. In his training with Ben Solo, Luke started to feel a dark presence in his padawan. Given how susceptible he knew Skywalkers were to the Dark Side, he grew fearful of what Ben would become.

In a fleeting and momentary lapse in judgment, he opened up his lightsaber standing over Ben. He wouldn’t have moved forward with it, but the damage was done, and Ben fought to save his own life.

Luke reflected on this moment and the centuries of failure that the Jedi Order went through. In their most powerful state, they allowed the Empire to rise. He realized that so long as Jedi were around, the Sith would also exist. If he allowed the Jedi to end, he would bring about the end of the all-powerful Dark Side that constantly seems to threaten the galaxy.

Obviously, that didn’t quite work out for him.

What did you think about how they answered these questions in Star Wars: The Last Jedi? Let us know your thoughts down below!

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