– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Some unanswered questions are starting to come to light.

Thanks to Disney releasing the screenplay to members of the Writers Guild of America for awards consideration—it revealed some lines improvisation and deleted scenes from the film.

These notes give us a better understanding of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” and possibly some hints into the future episodes of episodes eight and nine.

Please note that the following information is a SPOILER ALERT for those who still haven’t seen the movie. Although it is not confirmed at this time as a legitimate, it contains info that may spoil the film. Turn away now if you must or continue reading if you choose the dark side.

  • Luke Skywalker is on the planet named “Ahch-To.” It is described as an ocean planet with black rock islands and green trees. However, it should be noted that “Ahch” means “brother” in Hebrew. It could be a placeholder name for the planet in the script until the next episode. But, it is a direct reference to Leia sending Rey to find her brother.
  • Luke Skywalker’s mighty stare at Rey is described in the script as “kindness in his eyes, but there’s something tortured too.” The screenplay continued that Luke “doesn’t need to ask her who she is, or what she is doing here.” So the Jedi Master already knew about Rey’s mission on to the planet. The script ended with “Hold on Luke Skywalker’s incredible face, amazed and conflicted at what he sees, as our music builds, the promise of an adventure, just beginning…”
  • First image from Rey’s vision after touching Luke’s lightsaber was of a hallway in Cloud City. It also mentions a “mechanical breathing sound” and “disembodied voices fill the air.”
  • The script confirms to “see a burning temple at night” in the background of the image of Luke Skywalker and R2-D2.
  • In Rey’s vision image of a Jedi being struck down is not of Constable Zuvio, but of “a warrior” being stabbed by “a fiery lightsaber.”
  • It is confirmed that in the final Rey’s vision image that it is of Kylo Ren and the rest of the Knights of Ren. The screenplay read, “We pivot around her to reveal Kylo Ren and six other Knights of Ren, who flank him.”
  • Young Rey was left with Unkar Plutt on Jakku. If you couldn’t tell from the hand and voice, the flashback scene is confirmed by the script. It read, “A little girl. Rey as a child. She is sobbing, histerical. Unkar Plutt’s meaty hand holds her thin arm. She is on Jakku, watching a starship fly into the sky, abandoning her. Rey yells, ‘No, come back!’ and Unkar Plutt respons, ‘Quiet, girl!’ as the ship flies towards the desert sun, which is strangely eclipsed, as if being eaten by darkness.” It means Rey may revisit Unkar Plutt to learn of the secrets in future sequels.
  • Kylo Ren being so emo is explained by his horrific actions. The screenplay noted “Kylo Ren is somehow weakened by this wicked act” and then his “shock is broken only when Chewbecca cries out in agony.” The novelization explained Snoke believed Darth Vader’s weakness was the love for his son, Luke Skywalker. By killing his father, Snoke thought Kylo Ren will be stronger with the Dark Side. Nope, it made him a wuss.
  • Rey is being pulled to the Dark Side. After Han Solo’s death and Finn’s injury, it was revealed that Rey has some sensitivity to the Dark Side. The screenplay wrote, “And she could kill him—right now with one vicious strike! But she stops. Realizing she stands on a greater edge than even the cliff—the edge of the dark side. The earth shakes. The earth splits. A gully forms.” It’s also noted in the novelization that Rey hears a voice telling her to “kill him.” The voice is described as “amorphous, unidentifiable, raw” and powered by “pure vengeful emotion.” And the audio book it is revealed to be Supreme Leader Snoke.

Hopefully that brings some answers to light. Don’t worry, Episode XIII will be in theaters 16 months from now on May 26, 2017.

May for theForce be with you.

Source: Slashfilm

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