– by Seth McDonald

It is inevitable that Star Wars: The Last Jedi will draw comparisons to what is held by many fans as the best installment into the Star Wars franchise, The Empire Strikes Back. With both films being the middle entry into their respective trilogies, they both have the responsibility of setting up the finale. And one way to do that is to have the right tone for the film. The man with answers to all of our nerd inquiries, The Last Jedi director, Rian Johnson, spoke with Empire and addressed the issue of tone and how he approached the film.

“This is the second movie in the trilogy, so it’s easy to draw parallels to Empire in terms of a darker feel. And we do dig into the characters: we’re going to challenge them and things are gonna get tough for everybody. But I didn’t want this to go too dark. One of the things I drew from J.J.’s film was that sense of fun and playfulness – that as much Star Wars as ‘I am your father’”

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I for one would be happier if Johnson’s comments were reversed, I would rather have a darker film, with a sprinkling of the fun and playfulness from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. While I don’t want a copy of Empire Strikes Back, I would like The Last Jedi to leave the heroes in a hopeless situation, defeated and not sure of their next move, much like the position the heroes in the original trilogy found themselves in at the end of Empire Strikes Back.

Along with comparisons of how close in tone The Last Jedi will be to Empire Strikes Back , comes potential twist parallels. I think in the back of all of our minds, we are all expecting a mind-blowing twist of some kind, similar to what we were given in Empire Strikes Back. One of the theories I have subscribed to as of late, is that Kylo Ren is actually Rey’s father. I am not sure how old Kylo is supposed to be in the films, but I would say they could push him to his mid 30s, and if they aged Rey around 18-20, it could work. Perhaps Kylo fathering a child could be part of what led to his fall and his turn to the darkside. While some of you may hate this idea, I would actually enjoy seeing it turn out to be true. With this would come a reworking of the infamous, “No, I, am your father.” line.

What kind of tone do you want to see in The Last Jedi ? Let us know in the comments down below!

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