– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is quickly nearing the ever-important $1 billion milestone. Yesterday, the film blew past $900 million and ended with a worldwide cume of $934.2 million.

The film has made $464.6 million domestically — making it the 11th highest grossing film in North America — and $469.6 million on the international front. In contrast to most big blockbusters, this divide between domestic and international is pretty small, as most others’ foreign box office makes up around 70 percent of their total. Despite some of the major criticisms that a lot of vocal fans have been making, the movie seems to be on track to do well for Lucasfilm.

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi isn’t done opening in other markets yet, either. The film will still be opening in one major market in another week or so: China. The Force Awakens ended up making north of $120 million in that market, and many are speculating that The Last Jedi will perform even better than that. Of course, markets are hard to predict, so we’ll see if that ends up being the case. However, given that China’s film industry is on the rise, it wouldn’t be all that unexpected.

Plus, this coming weekend, the film is expected to pull in around $58 million domestically. This will launch it ahead of Beauty and the Beast’s already-impressive $504 million domestic performance. It’ll be very interesting to see how the movie performs in the coming weeks, as there is very little competition in the immediate future.

How do you think Star Wars: The Last Jedi will perform in the coming weeks? Let us know your thoughts down below!

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SOURCE: Variety, Box Office Mojo

  • Rad4Cap

    But when will it hit $947 million?!?

    • TheFrank

      Trolling the TLJ fanbois is so cruel. Stop it.

      Right now, they’re socially stuck in the Sunk Cost Fallacy trap. They’ve so socially invested in “George Lucas = Garbage, Anyone but George Lucas = Awesome!” that anything that contradicts that ‘logic’ might socially alienate them from their only support network (aka their peers). The prospect of banishment from their only support network keeps them in line and causes them to double-, triple- or even quadruple-down on that logic even when it is clearly contradicted by fact.

      Deprogramming cultists is not easy. It can take many years and it doesn’t always end with success. Oftentimes, the only way for a cultist to be deprogrammed is just the natural aging process; The irrational drive to stay inside of their support network is usually fueled by the end prospects of sexual status and/or money; With age, both of these prospects decline, either through biology or through the sociology of aging.

      When evaluating a cultist, you have to investigate how they entered the cult to begin with. Rarely are cultists involuntarily indoctrinated; They often willingly enter themselves into a cult even when they see clear signs that their financial, intellectual, emotional & physical freedoms are being infringed upon. Usually, there are some traumatic events that have occurred in their lives that have brought them to these decisions. A lot of times, these events are exclusionary in nature; They’ve been suddenly forced out of a support network or in some way have felt violated by a former support network.

      Therefore, to the TLJ fanbois, I write this:

      It’s OK to not like TLJ. A real friend will respect your dissenting opinion. Understand that we are here to help you transition to a healthier, cleaner and more fulfilling mindset about Star Wars. We understand that you are scared; It’s OK to be scared. We are here for you to be less scared and to provide a healthy platform for you to express your emotions about TLJ & the Sequel Trilogy.

  • Behemothrex

    I guess there is no accounting for taste.

    • Peter James

      Someone else likes something I don’t like!!!

  • Israel

    I love how this site keeps updating TLJ BO dollar after dollar, in what seems like a desperate attempt to make this movie looks like a success. Tell you what, it is only making money mainly because it has the name Star Wars in its tittle, and kids are currently on school vacation and parents are taking them to see it (which was a smart move by Disney, to release the movie the week before school vacations, and create the false perception that the movie has legs). Not even the prequels were as hated as this movie.

  • Aaron James

    As an indoctrinated member of the TLJ cult, even I think this article is silly. Write something up when it hits an actual milestone.


    It will hit the billion dollar mark worldwide by Tuesday. Since nothing else interesting comes out until Black Panther in February, I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets close to 1.6 billion by the time it leaves theaters.

  • the50sguystrikesback

    Off topic…

    It just dawned on me recently (and this is something a Star Wars movie never does)…
    There was a shot in the trailer that wasn’t in the final cut and it was that shot of Rey running with her light-saber ignited.


    Almost 1.1 billion worldwide as of Sunday afternoon.

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