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While we didn’t learn a whole lot about Supreme Leader Snoke in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, another official source has brought some interesting information to light. According to the latest issue of Star Wars Insider Magazine, Supreme Leader Snoke has trained at least one other apprentice besides Kylo Ren, as it says in the opening sentence to the character’s overall description:

“Force sensitive, and highly attuned to the dark side but not a Sith, Snoke has trained Kylo Ren and at least one other apprentice.”


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This information really opens up the possibilities for the still untitled and concluding chapter of the trilogy, Episode 9. Seeing as how we know Snoke isn’t a Sith, at least not in the traditional sense, it would make sense that he has other apprentices, as he doesn’t have to abide by the rule of two.

Of course, it is always possible we will never see or even know who these apprentices were, at least on screen anyway. It seems as if Snoke served his purpose, but who knows what Episode 9 may bring. One thing I can say about The Last Jedi is it did surprise me, I wasn’t a fan of most of those surprises, but it did catch me off guard at times.

Would you like to see these apprentices in Episode 9? Let us know in the comments down below!

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Source: Star Wars Insider Magazine (via SlashFilm)

  • Behemothrex

    Don’t care TLJ was a dumpster fire and Rian basically shit on all previous mythology.

    • M@rvel

      Oh you don’t care? Why did you click on this article then?

      • Weresmurf

        Why do you care if he/she did? Can comments only be positive?

        • M@rvel

          Why do you care that I care that he/she cares???

          • Lenin1959

            Who cares? Well, ask Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey!

          • Kindofabigdeal

            I’m picturing the scene from Fanboys where he opens his coat exposing a star wars shirt and says “I give a shit”

          • Weresmurf


            Can it be Ethan Suplee as Harry Knowles molesting someone?

          • Why do you care, that he cares why you care that he/she cares

            Ok this game is super fun, who is next?

          • Weresmurf

            Thats the entire point. Lets all not care together!

    • noahwayne0

      nah, he rightfully dumped on TFA which was typical JJ rehash garbage.

      Johnson did what Lucas did – took creative risks and made interesting movies that people will debate.

      JJ made a fan service movie to blow smoke up fans that feel a need to be validated. I don’t want copies of the OT, I want to see new ground.

      I think most fans are mad because we saw new and varied uses of the Force – is it that hard to think that we didn’t see all the possible uses of the Force in the previous movies? Furthermore Luke was supposed to be pretty powerful, maybe he discovered new abilities.

      I think you all just want more of the same old, same old just wrapped in new paper. Fan service, easter eggs, winks/nods is what you want, but that is BORING. Go watch a Marvel movie for that.

      • Scott Caudill

        It was that rock he was sitting on that allowed him to force project across the universe. The same rock he had Rey sit on earlier in the film when she force projects towards the dark side cave of seductive seaweed.

      • Rad4Cap

        ” took creative risks”

        LOL. Rian was MORE slavish to Empire than JJ was to A New Hope. TLJ is Empire, beat for beat, in reverse. NOTHING more.

        That is not “creative” at all. That is PRECISELY the “same old, same old just wrapped in new paper”.

        You are loving exactly what you are condemning – and you don’t even REALIZE it. Rian trolled you most of all.

  • hrjoe

    You already spoil in the title, what’s the point of warning in the beginning of the content?

  • claudiomario

    I’d like to see a good movie that were specs all the prequels original and at least the force awakens. I really don’t care what they do episode 9 anymore unless they say it doesn’t finish at 9 and it continues on 12 with the lib return of Luke Skywalker

  • RadicalAgnostic

    Great. I can see the nine volume series of bantam books now!

  • Weresmurf

    2 more years of fucking awesome fan theories and then we’ll get a movie that won’t live up to it…

    • Kronx

      My new fan theories:

      – OB1 was Force Projecting on the Death Star and wasn’t killed by Vader. He was actually in a Mos Eisley massage parlor the whole time but died of a heart attack after an especially long bender (hence the Force ghost in Empire).

      – Snoke’s other apprentice is Finn. That’s why Kylo looked at him longingly in the beginning of TFA. It wasn’t because of Kylo’s weird helmet fetish.

      – Snoke is Vader’s father. Cause, why not?

      – Blue glowie Jedi don’t really exist. Luke’s the only one who’s ever seen them. What he’s actually doing is unconsciously using the Force to create weak animations as some sort of wish fulfillment. This ability is the basis of his Force Projection powers later on. When Yoda appears in TLJ, it’s all in Luke’s head, and he’s actually the one who summons the lightning.

      • Ada

        “Snoke’s other apprentice is Finn”

        Like it!

        • Broian

          It was probably one of the other knights of Ren and Ben defeated him to become Snokes apprentice. Except they aren’t sith so maybe they don’t follow the rule of two. Fuck it, Rey is the other apprentice, she just hasn’t been triggered yet. Opening scene of IX will be Rey getting triggered and killing Leia.

      • Lenin1959

        – Snoke is a wookie. When he tried to escape from the Empire’s slavery, he tried to shave his fur off – it was a disaster (RE: scars). His wookie name was: Snookie.

        • Scott Caudill

          Thanks, I just pissed myself!

      • Kindofabigdeal

        I think that Leia is Snokes other apprentice. Not Princess Organa, she was switched at birth when Bail realized she was strong in the dark side. They got a new baby and left her at an orphanage on Jakku. They renamed the new baby Leia to further keep her hidden and confuse everyone. The real Leia had a daughter named Rey whom she gave up after killing her mate and going to train with Snoke.

        • Kronx

          R2-D2 is BB8’s father.

        • Ryan Fink

          I know you’re joking but I kind of like that idea.

      • Broian

        “Blue glowie Jedi don’t really exist. Luke’s the only one who’s ever seen them”

        Qui-Gon appeared to Yoda in Clone Wars. It wasn’t “blue glowie” but through the force. Last episode of the sixth season. And I believe Qui-gon appears in ghost form in the new “From a Certain Point of View” book. They explain a little bit about how he does it.

        • Whoosh

        • Kronx

          Yeah, I wasn’t really serious with my theories. I just needed a fourth one for the list. But it almost works.

          I’ll settle for Luke hasn’t had an orgasm in 35 years because he doesn’t know if the dead Jedi are watching him masturbate. And that’s why he was able to be tempted by the dark side and ignite his lightsaber.

  • Lenin1959

    Nope, no Sith. Definitely not. Dark side user. One master – one apprentice. The master wants to rule the universe and kill the jedi. The apprentice kills the master and, as the new master, tries to seduce another one to the dark side to be his apprentice. Absolutely not Sith… DISNEY!!! Idiots.

  • Kindofabigdeal

    His apprentice will be killed off in a deleted scene of The Last Jedi Blu Ray.

  • You know it would be cool to get some of this stuff in the movie. Why explain shit when you can release a guide book. Exposition is for losers