– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Let’s hope Lucasfilm is ready to rake in the cash, because all signs are pointing to them making a whole lot of money the weekend of December 15.

According to Deadline, Star Wars: The Last Jedi is set to make north of $200 million in its opening weekend. While this is substantially less than The Force Awakens’ $248 million, it’s definitely joining some pretty exclusive company by even breaking $200 million.

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In all honesty, it’s more impressive to us that it’s tracking for that high at all. While Star Wars is a great brand, following the huge kickoff that was The Force Awakens, it became clear that no other film in the near future will be able to match its anticipation and performance.

However, In addition to the trailers being awesome, and all the positive buzz, there has been exactly zero on-set drama or extensive reshoot rumors for the film. Lucasfilm is a company that is proven to have trouble retaining directors, and yet The Last Jedi’s Rian Johnson has not only stayed on with zero drama, but is set to pave new territory.

In case you somehow missed it, Johnson is now set to develop a whole new trilogy of Star Wars films for Lucasfilm, the first of which he will write and direct. Now, as great of news as that is, the real underlying statement from the studio is, “we love what Johnson has done, and we are confident you will too.”

If that didn’t raise expectations, we’re not sure what will. What do you think of these projections? Let us know down below!

Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits theaters on December 15, 2017.

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SOURCE: Deadline

  • Kindofabigdeal

    When I went to buy my tickets the show was practically sold out. I’m pretty this is just tracking what’s already been bought already. For those who show up on the day of we will see that raise it over 200.
    I mean they already have my money.

  • Moby85

    Moby The Marketer to step in here. No worries about the opening weekend, here’s why:

    This isn’t the “triumphant return of Star Wars” for starving fans. I’m a huge Star Wars fan but I may not see it opening weekend. Whereas I’d move heaven and Earth to see The Force Awakens opening night, which I did. Others will wait for a few days, casual fans leery of crowds might wait weeks.

    This could be changed; however, if the movie commits the grave sin of yet another Star Wars film being incredibly derivative of a former trilogy film, in this case, The Empire Strikes Back. At the very least, if the film is very derivative it will prevent uber-fans from going back for multiple showings (I saw TFA three times in theatres but had to be dragged kicking and screaming to the third).

    • Shieldwolf

      Never attribute a trend with a sample size of 1 (namely yourself) if you are a marketer you should know that. Our own experiences mean very little in terms of extrapolating. That said The Force Awaken did well not just because it was new Star Wars, but because it was GOOD Star Wars. This isn’t about fans, this about the joe schmoes who normally wouldn’t have gone to see a Star Wars movie but went. You don’t get to $250M with fans, you get there with non-fans. That is why I think this one may fall short since I’m not sure how much this film is generating with the general public, but all signs point to it doing very well, just not quite as high as TFA, but that is to be expected.

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