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The first numbers are starting to roll in for Friday morning.

Earlier today, we reported that the Thursday cume of $45 million would put the film on track to get around $200 million. Now, the Friday numbers are potentially indicating at an even higher opening weekend in North America.

According to Deadline, the film is on track to hit anywhere from $202 million to $208 million. This would be the second, third or fourth highest opening of all time, depending on whether or not they break The Avengers’ 207.4 million opening or Jurassic World’s $208.8 million opening.

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It’ll be interesting to see just how this film fares not only this weekend, but in following weekends. While critics have been ecstatic about this latest entry in the Star Wars franchise, many fans have been split — with a great number seeming to be offended by the unique flavor this film gives the series as a whole. Will this one have the legs of The Force Awakens? That’s a harder thing to forecast.

Regardless of the weekends to come, this looks to be another big success for Lucasfilm. Hitting $200 million is a success that any film would enjoy, but to actually go above and beyond that is something else altogether.

Are you excited to see the film performing well in its opening weekend? Let us know your thoughts down below!

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SOURCE: Deadline

  • FeixPunk

    Word of mouth is going to hurt this movie. It is very polarizing. It’s a lot to process for certain, and will require at least one more viewing.

    • King5twenty

      It really wasnt a lot to proccess everything was just done poorly. I remember everything i dont feel like I need to sit through a second viewing where I check my watch every 10 sec. It dosnt have a lot of depth.

      • FeixPunk

        Speaking to other EU fans it absolutely does have a lot to process. So many people are approaching this movie as simply a continuation of the OT, much like TFA was. However this is nothing like an OT movie. The strong feelings being so polarized in this movie is a testament to its creation. I’m not saying that you have to love it, or that you have to get it in order to enjoy it. Everybody is entitled to their opinion. I’m just saying, as an EU fan, that this is a good movie that is misunderstood in my opinion.

        • Madara7

          I’m just so disappointed that the movie turned out to be this divisive. I almost prefer the near universal condemnation that the prequels inspired; certainly most SW fans and discerning geeks despise them (see red letter medias reviews on Youtube, they certainly sum up my issues with those films well).

          Apparently, it’s too much to ask Disney for the following:
          1. A movie the general audience will enjoy.
          2. A movie long time fans will enjoy.
          3. A movie that effectively bookends the Skywalker story, and brings closure to the characters there-in.
          4. Creation of an entry in a long running cinematic saga worthy of becoming a modern classic, in the vein of the OT.

          They arguably, very arguably, do a little of each, but fall so very short on that last point.

          Implicit among those four things… a movie that leverages the legacy and nostalgia of the previous films to maximum effect. While I’m generally fine with the direction TLJ takes Luke’s character, I understand why people/fans are upset.

          It just screams of missed opportunities, geek-dom (not just critics) should be busy lavishing praise on most of the film, instead we have to contend with things like Leia ‘Mary Poppins’ Organa Solo… it’s just a shame.

          • FeixPunk

            It’s not perfect. And your “demands” are a lot. Star Wars was never meant for general audiences. It is a relatively new thing that the general population is into “geek” stuff. This still had too much similar to the OT for me, but unlike TFA it actually made strides to set these characters apart from the OT heroes.

          • Madara7

            Well, the OT were all phenomenal successes at the box office at the time of their original release, so clearly they did resonate with the general audience, they and all subsequent chapters still do. They’re a big part of our popular culture. That geeks took the ball and ran with it is a natural consequence of both its inherent appeal and setting.

            In any case, I don’t mind at all that they make way for the next generation of heroes, or bring closure to the OT characters, just don’t slap the label episode 7 – 9 on them when say, episode 9 will have almost zero connection narratively with episode 1 and seems bound to be its own self-contained story of Rey vs Kylo. Does this really feel like the natural conclusion to the story of the Skywalkers? Perhaps a bit insofar as Luke’s closure is concerned (which I mostly liked), but beyond that, not at all.

            It only would have taken a little more illumination of Snokes motivations, or connecting him to Palpatine who utterly dominated as the main antagonist for 98% of the story so far, only to be unceremoniously ignored into oblivion.

  • CoolHandJuke

    why didn’t Rey get her tits slapped round reel gud?

  • TheFrank

    “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” is not a film that DisneyWars fans need, it’s the film that they most definitely DESERVE.

    Carrie Poppins, everybody… Carrie. Bleeping. Poppins.

    And they want Rian to do another 3 of these films.

    Does George Lucas really look so bad to you at this point? Or are you up for another round of faux Luke doing the Lightsaber Limbo?

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