– by David Kozlowski

Well that was fast. Star Wars: The Last Jedi hit theaters less than two weeks ago, and it’s already near the top of the 2017 domestic box office ladder — and inching closer to the all-time record, held by, you guessed it, The Force Awakens. Let’s put that into perspective, shall we? According to Deadline, this film has already earned an incredible $844 million worldwide (that’s $67 million per day, if you’re into math).

Interestingly, even though The Last Jedi lost 68% of its opening weekend audience — a serious problem for most blockbusters — they had already amassed such a mountain of cash that this attendance drop hardly amounted to more than a blip on its way to box office immortality. And yet, they’re still trailing The Force Awakens by 34% (but ahead of Rogue One by 38%).

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OK, OK, too many numbers, amirite? Let’s restate this discussion for the non-math-inclined (like me). The Last Jedi has already eclipsed Wonder Woman at the domestic box office, and they’re within a week or two of surpassing Beauty and the Beast for the number one spot.

If you care to weep for the remaining non-Disney-owned studios, that’s 6 Disney-owned films in the top 10 this year (Beauty and the Beast, The Last Jedi, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Thor: Ragnarok, and Logan — since Disney will soon own X-Men too). Ten bucks says Disney will be even more dominant in 2018. Sigh.

If you really want to have some fun with numbers, click over to the source article on Deadline, where they explore and expose all kinds of dollars, dates, and percentages. It’s not that I don’t care — I do — but at a certain point my nose starts to bleed. You kids go enjoy.

How do you feel about Star Wars: The Last Jedi becoming the #1 box office film of 2017? Let us know in the comments down below!

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SOURCE: Deadline , Box Office Mojo

  • Aaron James

    Yeah, it is fairly worrying that Disney will now be such a massively dominant force going forward. I’ll happily keep defending TLJ, because it’s great, but that doesn’t mean I think it’s good that Disney has eclipsed (and in one case, consumed) the other studios.

  • syambo87

    next headlines will be… critics are correct… films receiving low critic scores suffer at the box office… while those who get good critic scores but fair audience scores… are unaffected as the box office numbers show…

    • Kindofabigdeal

      Come on, be more simplistic. “Blockbuster makes lots of money over holidays.”

  • Spencer Garver

    Fun Fact: The Last Jedi made 150 Million LESS the second week then the first. Let that sink in.

    • Games

      Well this is a simplistic comment. Is your point that it is somehow not a good movie because of the number you posted? Or do most movies make more money in their second week? Is there never a drop in sales in the second week for huge blockbusters? You know if you are going to like this number, how can you ignore that it could end up being the best movie for sales this year? Is that not as much of factor in liking/disliking a movie as second week drops? Seems you might have an agenda by stating this “fun fact” when it is not that uncommon in these types of films.

      • Spencer Garver

        based on the previous star wars movie, yes its a big deal. Will the last jedi make a shit ton of money? Of course. Hell the Transformers movies make a shit ton of money. Money is not a barometer of quality. Disney could have had a cardboard sign that just said star wars on it and people would still pay to see it. Lasting power is what will tell the tale. Even with the lack of new movies coming out, Jedi is still losing ground. Where The Force Awakens made all its money was people repeatedly going to the theater to watch it. I personally knew of people who saw it over 10 times in the theater. With The Last Jedi most people I know saw it 2, and that’s being generous. Disney and the media machine can spin whatever story they want, they have the money and the power to do so. Especially since its already been proven that if a media outlet gives unfavorable reviews they get black balled (look at the LA times). So yes, when I say “fun fact”, it is just that, a fun fact. Polishing up a half assed script and plastering star wars on the title wont unfuck a poorly made movie.

        • Games

          “Money is not a barometer of quality”

          Yet your whole original comment is about what money it is making. You like the idea if it fits your narrative. Since it just passed a billion and is the #1 movie of the year, well I think it is doing well, even if you feel it is not. Since it is still number one this last week, I will go with the fact people like it. 10 times? So the only way a movie is successful is if people see it ten times? If a person goes and sees a movie more then once, that is a huge success. Most people can’t afford to see it multiple times yet they are. You polish up a comment all you want but it will not unfuck the stupidity of it.

  • Unc Sam

    Hey guys, can you give us an indication of how long it will be before you retract your gushing TLJ review?

    We get it – you had a Phantom Menace moment, Rian Johnston couldn’t possibly make a bad SW movie right?

    (for guidance: down to 51% on RT now)

    • RadicalAgnostic

      Hate to break it to you, a lot of people loved TLJ.

      • Weresmurf

        And a lot didn’t. It seems evenly split. What’s your point?

      • Lenin1959

        Are you by any chance a BOT? ElephantLeg posted exactly the same post. ProBots hired by Disney have just been confirmed, I guess.

        • Joseph Jammer Medina

          Honestly, I’m not sure what the problem is. Occasionally, Disqus replicates comments under different names. It’s actually happened to your comments specifically once. I had to delete five different replicas. We’re still looking into the culprit.

          • Lenin1959

            Well, the very same comment replicated under different names IS a problem in my book. But to each their own… Autospamming feature by Disqus must have been activated.

        • RadicalAgnostic

          That has got to be the stupidest comment i have seen here in years.

    • Joseph Jammer Medina

      Not going to retract the gushing review. Sorry, but I really loved the film, even if a lot of readers didn’t, and even if David didn’t. I’m not going to change my opinion just because it doesn’t line up with a lot of passionate and outspoken fans. Also, RT audiences core is a terrible barometer. Literally anyone can leave a review there without having even seen the movie.

      • mhrinda

        I joined Rotten Tomatoes just to trash Last Jedi ( after I saw it )
        I hate TLJ. Anyone that has any understanding of Star Wars “movie” canon would know this movie is garbage. Nice to look at. Terrible execution characterization and plot just to name a few. But the question you need to ask yourselves if this is such a great movie that did it’s storytelling in such a great way: what is the next movie going to be about and WHY DO WE EVEN NEED IT after this fiasco ?

        • Kindofabigdeal

          Because I will still pay 12 bucks to stare at Daisy Ridleys hot ass for 2 more hours.

          • Unc Sam

            Well, there is that.

      • Kindofabigdeal

        Way to stick with your guns. Don’t double back like that ginger on AICN did with his Phantom Menace review.

      • axebox

        I loved TLJ too. Not understanding the nitpicking hatred, especially when all the other Star Wars films since Empire you could make the exact same arguments.

        • Unc Sam

          Nitpicking’s one thing, and there’s a lot to nitpick about TLJ, but some of the issues with the movie go way beyond that.

          In no particular order: The pacing’s awful. Major plot threads go nowhere. Long standing characters are written well out of character. Key plot points rely on absurdities. It leaves the closing trilogy with no definable identity. It moves nothing forward. Poor score by the series standards.

          None of these are the hallmarks of a good movie never mind a good franchise movie.

          As for nitpicking, well it’s unwelcome that TLJ effectively f’s up the logic of Eps 4 and 6. Lightspeed ramming – no need at all for trench / reactor runs. It’s one thing for RJ to write and direct a bad standalone movie but it’s a greater issue when that screws with other movies in the series.

    • GZ3

      He can’t! Disney would give him pow pow.

    • Aaron James

      Comparing critical response to TLJ to TPM is wildly inaccurate. The circumstances surrounding TPM were enormously different.

      When TPM came out, there’s been no new Star Wars for almost twenty years. That was, at the time, my entire lifetime. There’d been talk among fans that whole time about what episodes 1, 2 and 3 could possibly be, but most people didn’t believe that we would ever get to see those. So when Lucas announced Episode 1, it seemed like a genuine miracle. Explaining how that felt is impossible, if you weren’t there. I have no idea if you’re old enough to remember. Either you know how that felt, or you don’t.

      Also, everyone still had enormous faith in George Lucas. At that point, all he’d made was the original trilogy, and Indianna Jones (and Willow, I guess). People were absolutely expecting TPM to be amazing. Everyone WANTED it to be great really, really badly.

      Finally, CGI. TPM was the movie the ushered in the age of CGI being prominent in movies. It looks ugly and busy now, but at the time, TPMs visual effects were mind blowing. Nobody had seen anything like it before.

      So yeah, it wasn’t just critics with TPM. Everybody deluded themselves into thinking it was good. I remember sitting in the cinema, knowing it my heart of hearts that it sucked, but latching onto those bits I thought were good and inventing justifications to convince myself that I liked it. I think most people were doing the same thing. It took a long time before we collectively admitted it was terrible.

      TLJ, on the other hand, is the third Star Wars movie in as many years. The previous one received a lukewarm response. Rian Johnson is a relative unknown (I love his first film, Brick, but his most famous film, Looper, really wasn’t my thing). The circumstances are VASTLY different to what they were when TPM came out. There’s WAY less impetus for people to delude themselves into thinking TLJ is good.

      And I can tell you, from my own personal experience, that I do not feel that feeling I had when I saw TPM. I unreservedly love TLJ.

      • Ian Finnimore

        Some of this is pure revisionist, some points are valid.

        Ever heard of JURASSIC PARK?

        1993 …. TPM didn’t change anything in terms of CGI in movies.

        A new hope did, Willow did, Terminator 2 did but not TPM?

        There is an argument that the kids that saw & loved the prequels were itching for the sequels – those who were a little put off by the prequel trilogies end would be harsher critics of anything further.

        • Aaron James

          Jurassic Park has a surprisingly tiny amount of CGI in it. Only 4 minutes of CGI dinosaurs in the entire movie. I’m not going to pretend it wasn’t ground breaking – it was, after all, the movie that convinced George Lucas that it was time to make the prequels – but here’s a quote from Wikipedia’s timeline of CGI in movies:

          The section on TPM says: “First film to use CG extensively for thousands of shots, including backgrounds, environmental effects, vehicles, and crowds. Several CG characters stood alongside real actors in dozens of shots, making them the first CG “supporting” cast members.” It was kind of a big deal, insofar as CGI in movies goes. Pixar were already doing their thing, yes, but that was cartoons for kids. TPM was the first film to make people say “Oh shit, this is how movies will be from now on!” And they were right.

          But the whole point of my comment was to point out that there were really solid reasons why critics praised the hell out of TPM at the time, and even many fans insisted it was good until they could delude themselves no longer.

          Those reasons aren’t true of TLJ. If there’s something that’s artificially inflating people’s opinions of TLJ, it’s not what was happening back in 1999. Maybe you have a theory?

          • Ian Finnimore

            Fair point for sure – it’s no surprise that Lucas would have added another “groundbreaking” feather to his impressive cap, that makes a little more sense i.e supporting cast.

            Personally I just don’t think that the “my team” mentality existed in the way it does in the USA today. I’m from the UK & I can’t fathom the Republican/Democrat ragefest thats been going on since the election.

            After all neither candidate were shining examples of virtue & dignity but I think that the Last Jedi has been caught up in the storm.

            That becomes “everyone who likes it is an SJW & everyone who hates it is a Nazi” – in truth it needed a little polishing to keep both camps happy ..

            Luke could have been treated better & so could Finn & Poe.

          • Aaron James

            I’m from Australia, but in these TLJ discussions I haven’t been engaging with anyone who starts throwing around words like “SJW” or “Nazi”. But I haven’t seen much of that at all here. Most people seem to be arguing from positions relating to what Star Wars is to them, rather than some political agenda.

            So I’ve been trying to put forward arguments based in either Star Wars lore (from the movies – I’m not a fan of the extended universe and don’t think it’s useful as the basis of arguments about the movies) or filmmaking/storytelling techniques.

            I’ve made arguments about why I think Luke’s arc is great and consistent with the original trilogy, and about why Finn & Poe’s arcs work for me, but they’re spread all over various LRM posts. If you want to get into it with me, I’d be happy to reiterate.

  • ElephantLeg

    Hate to break it to you, a lot of people loved TLJ.

    • Lenin1959

      Hello, RadicalAgnostic. Ooops, sorry. He either copied & pasted your posting or you two have both been programmed by a company hired by Disney. Right?

  • J-man The Great

    It’s not going to even come close to surpassing TFA which I do believe says something about this movie regardless of what side of the aisle you’re on!

    • Joseph Jammer Medina

      No one expected the film to dome close to surpassing it. TFA was a worldwide phenomenon, was the first SW film in a 10 years, and the first good one in decades. There was a lot of pent-up enthusiasm for it. Comparing TLJ’s performance to TFA’s is a fool’s errand.

      • J-man The Great

        That’s false…Box Office Pro predicted back in October that TLJ would hit $742 million (just shy of Avatar’s domestic haul) domestically which was discussed on the Los Fanboys podcast back in October where David indicated that it could even surpass Box Office Pro’s predictions.

        • Joseph Jammer Medina

          Fair enough. I guess I shouldn’t say “no one expected,” but rather “no one should have expected,” given all the aforementioend things above.

  • Jose Vicente Lainez

    2 and a half hours of garbage. I would rather see the Justice League a hundred times over than to ever see this turd sandwich again.

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