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Star Wars: War Of The Bounty Hunters Comic Is A Sequel To Solo

Yep, as per the title a new comic from Marvel, Star Wars: War of the Bounty Hunters acts a sequel to Solo. The first issue is out now, and it’s a story set between movies The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. Sadly, the old cannon for that period, called Shadows of the Empire is no longer so. However, the comic does borrow a little from that old novel.

Various factions are trying to get their hands on the carbonated body of Han Solo. Fett, similarly to that Shadows book, does not simply fly straight to Jabba’s palace and drop Han off. After all, years had gone by between Empire and the beginning of Jedi. Shadows was a story about the search for Han and Fett, but also about Luke dealing with the events of Empire and Vader himself dealing with a plot by a rival for the Emperor’s favor.

This comic is focused more solely on Fett’s journey. And of course, the many other Bounty Hunters trying to get in on his deal. There is one party who are very interested in acquiring Han Solo, Crimson Dawn. The last we heard from them, was at the tail end of Solo. Qi’ra took a step up in the organization that was then run by Darth Maul and left Han behind. However, in the comic, we find out the person behind Crimson Dawn’s interest is none other than Qi’ra herself.

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This effectively makes War of the Bounty Hunters a sequel to Solo. We already know where the path of Han, Lando, and Chewy goes post-Solo. However, Qi’ra was a lead character with no next step. It’s also worth noting that Emilia Clarke’s likeness is used by the comic artists here and there have been rumors Clarke could appear again in the Star Wars Universe. Clarke’s next role is going to be for Disney in Marvel’s Secret Invasion show. Could the character of Qi’ra show up in the MandoVerse?

By MandoVerse I mean the period of time being explored by The Mandalorian and it’s upcoming spin-off shows. Considering the connections, it would not be out of place for Qi’ra to show up in The Book of Boba Fett or a future season of Mando. For now there seems to be a lack of clarity on what is happening with Rangers of the New Republic, but if that does happen as planned then this could be another Qi’ra opportunity.

There has also been rumors that Qi’ra could show up in Lando. If Lando is set post-Solo and not post-Skywalker which most fans anticipate, then that would essentially be a live-action sequel to Solo anyway.

What do you think of this news that Star Wars: War of the Bounty Hunters acts a sequel to Solo? As always leave any thoughts below.

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