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Star Wars: Will He Or Won’t He? Is Matt Smith In The Rise Of Skywalker?

Rumors are a funny business. We have to look at the source of the rumor, does any known information back up that rumor, and does the rumor spoil things before we decide to write on them. Some people make their living on discussing every rumor there is about a particular franchise or pop/geek-culture in general, but we try to rise above that and give you guys a solid report on likely rumors… unless it’s a really slow news day. THAT’S A JOKE!!!

Last month I wrote a story on a couple of international websites for Disney having Matt Smith listed in the cast for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. He has been rumored to be in the movie for a long time and those websites seemed to verify it. Well, thanks to an eagle-eyed poster at Reddit we now know Smith’s name has been removed from the very same sites.

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This could mean a few different things:

  • It was a mistake and someone added the name completely on accident. Probability: Unlikely. The person putting in the data would be working off an existing cast list they would have in hand or on their screen.
  • Matt Smith is in the film but his role is super secret and Disney wanted it removed. Probability: Likely. It’s not rare for someone to have a surprise appearance in the film and not be listed officially until the film’s release. However, why not just list him but not his role? I guess they’re afraid we have Batman like detective skills and will deduce his role simply by knowing he’s there.
  • Matt Smith WAS in the film, but his scenes have been cut from the movie. Probability: Possible. This happens a lot in films. An actor gets cast, films scenes, gets paid, and never makes it to the screen. Shailene Woodley is a prime example of this as all of her scenes as Mary Jane Watson in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 were cut.

It has been very interesting covering The Rise of Skywalker, especially over at my column The Cantina where I dig deeper into the possible meanings of the rumors and news we get about Star Wars. This film is key to the future of the franchise, and if it’s not successful… Well, can you imagine if this film is as divisive as The Last Jedi? Disney, LucasFilm, and fans all need this film to be good. If we want more from the galaxy far, far away this movie has to knock it out of the park.

Do you think Matt Smith is in this film? Who do you think he’ll play if he is?

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Source: Reddit

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