– by Seth McDonald

The second season of Netflix’s Stranger Things, being cleverly marketed as Stranger Things 2 is just a month away. Fans hope ‘2’ will be bigger and better, along with inevitably being stranger. The first season’s big bad was the creature known as the Demogorgon, a vile looking monster with a peculiar mouth, just an overall hideous being. Judging from the trailer this season’s monster is going to loom much larger than the Demogorgon. One half of the sibling duo responsible for creating the show, Ross Duffer, recently spoke with Entertainment Weekly and talked about the looming threat of season two and says everything is entwined to lead back to what will come to be known as, the shadow monster.

“It’s all connected to this singular threat, which is tied into this shape that Will sees in the sky,”

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At the end of the first season we see that Will still has a of connection with the upside down, so we have to assume the shadow monster from Will’s vision also resides in that same realm. Whether it is a giant spider or some sort of shapeshifter, it looks like this time, the upside down may be coming to Hawkins, and far more people will be impacted by the events taking place.

I do think that ‘2’ is going to be scarier than the first season, at least on an 80s level, there will be more jumpy moments and a heavier dose of 80s terror. I really am excited to see which 80s movies they pay homage to during the second season and what influences they pull from. The first season of the show beautifully blended the nostalgia of the 80s, along with homages to some of the decade’s classics. The Duffer brothers ability to blend the 80s old, with their new storylines is what makes Stranger Things great.

Meet the shadow monster when Stranger Things returns on October, 27.

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Source: Entertainment Weekly

  • Jeremy Alexander

    Everything I’ve seen makes it look pretty good, but as a child of the 80’s that grew up with and enjoyed all of that pop culture, I hope they don’t get too heavy handed with it. I like new things more than nostalgia goggles. I thought they got the balance fairly right in the first season though.

    • Ryan Fink

      Well said.

    • I dunno – I find it sad that most of the kids in their late teens and early twenties who love the show probably haven’t seen the majority of the films it references.

      Hopefully the show encourages them to seek these films out, but I fear that the references are so on the nose that at some point, the kids won’t appreciate anything new or better when they finally get round to watching The Goonies, or E.T. or The Thing, or Poltergeist, or Close Encounters, etc. etc. etc.

      I think they should all go off and watch Super 8. That film scratched the same itch as Stranger Things, but did so with a fresh set of nails.