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Netflix’s Stranger Things unashamedly reveled in 1980s nostalgia; virtually every major horror, sci-fi, and superhero phenomenon of that decade received a nod, an homage, or some kind of side-eye over its eight initial episodes. As we all know, audiences loved Stranger Things quite a lot; resulting in full-on sequel just over a year later (with the promise of more, more, more yet to come).

While just about everyone swears they’ve already binged Stranger Things, those two or three dozen of you that haven’t can finally climb down off the fence, the Screen Junkies team is here to break it all down for you in a somewhat late-to-the-party Honest Trailers takedown of Stranger Things Season 1.

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For reasons that only Screen Junkies can attest, they open the video by explaining how Stranger Things basically rips off The Hangover, which seems foolish and kinda mean-spirited… except that it all makes sense now. Despite this minor knock, even the Screen Junkies guys can’t find much wrong with Stranger Things — still, my Mom refuses to watch it (too scary).

So, to sum it all up: Stranger Things was awesome, Stranger Things 2 is awesome-r, and Stranger Things 3 probably has more to fear from puberty than the Upside Down (wait, is this series just a metaphor for teenage awkwardness? Seems a bit too on-the-nose). Let’s hope it doesn’t take another year for the next Stranger Things Honest Trailer!

Does the Honest Trailer assessment of Stranger Things change your opinions or feelings about the first season? Let us know in the comments down below!

Stranger Things 2 is now streaming on Netflix.

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SOURCE: Screen Junkies

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