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There’s no denying that delivering a huge hit is a tough thing to accomplish. In today’s day and age, studios have more competition than ever for the consumer’s hard-earned dollar. Between movies, TV shows, video games, books, web series, and everything else across the internet, there is no shortage of places where audiences can fill their time. With that in mind, it makes sense that the industry is so franchise-driven. In order to stand out, you need to start with something familiar. That makes it even more surprising when something purely original manages to get a foothold in pop culture. Such a series was last year’s Stranger Things.

It showed up on Netflix, and within a couple days it had managed to inject itself deep into the pop culture zeitgeist. As such, it was no wonder that Netflix sprung for a Super Bowl spot for the next season, where it was revealed that the second season of the show would be premiering this Halloween.

Though as hard as it is for a series to catch on as Stranger Things did, it may be even harder for them to follow up on success. Oftentimes, when filmmakers catch lightning in a bottle, they may not fully understand what it was that audiences really were drawn to. This is always a concern with movies and their sequels, and it’s especially a concerns for seasons of television. We had the same concerns for Stranger Things, especially since it came from the relatively new talents of the Duffer Brothers.

However, speaking with NME (via Digital Spy), Netflix chief Ted Sarandos revealed that he’s already seen the first episode of the coming season, and he seems to be a fan.

“I have just seen the first episode of season two. It’s fantastic – it delivers on everything that every fan wants. We have a sense that it’s going to be really big.”

Now, allow me to give the obligatory grain of salt warning. We can never have expected Sarandos to come out and tell everyone that the whole season is a train wreck and that they’re going back to the drawing board. That would never happen. Seriously, never.

First off, it’s always nice to hear an update on a show, even if it is just lip service. More than anything, this can be seen as an update on the season’s progress. As of right now, it looks as though only the first episode was in any state to be shown.

Regardless, we couldn’t be more excited for the new season. We loved the first one quite a bit, and that Super Bowl spot did a lot to assure us that they weren’t planning on retreading the same ground over and over again.

Stranger Things hits Netflix on October 31, 2017.

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SOURCE: NME (via Digital Spy)

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