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Nintendo really surprised us last night. We’ve already known for some weeks that there would be a handful of DLC characters available for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, but because Nintendo was the one giving out orders as to which characters would be getting used, it was pretty much assumed that they’d be limited to first-party characters.

Apparently not, as the Big N has revealed that the Persona 5 character Joker would be joining the fight at some point in the future. Not only was this a third party character, but it was a third party character from a game that hasn’t been released on a Nintendo console. Sure, there is a precedence for this (Just look at Cloud from FFVII), but it would seem like an odd move for a DLC character to be from such a recent game that’s never arrived on a Nintendo console.

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So what does this mean for Persona 5? As far as we know, this is a PS4-exclusive game…but could we get port in the future? That seems to be the buzz. Twitter user MysticDistance, a translator and writer for Persona Central claims to have heard reliable rumors that not only will Persona 5 hit the Nintendo Switch, but it’ll be announced when Joker hits Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Not only that, it will reportedly have a new name and will come with a lot of adjustments and additions — and even new story elements. So we’re not talking just a straight port.

As a huge JRPG fan who’s been hungry to see a Persona game hit Switch (I’d even take a Persona 4 port or remake), I’m all on board and this can’t come soon enough. What did you think of this reveal and the potential for Persona 5 to hit Switch?

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SOURCE: Nintendo, Mystic Distance (via Nintendo Life)

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