– by Joseph Jammer Medina

This is going to be nerdier than I usually allow myself to get…

A group of students from the University of Leicester recently used “scientific principles to examine the feasibility of the powers behind renowned comic book superheroes,” and their findings may surprise you (If you live on the moon).

Based on seven years of student-led research the team has concluded that Superman would defeat all others because he is best-equipped, with a ratio of powers to weaknesses that puts all others to shame! To shame, I say!

Here are a couple of graphs from the brainiacs over at the University of Leicester:

It should be noted that holding onto that final spot, sitting there at dead last, and probably sobbing into his Bat-Cheerios is none other than…The Dark Knight, himself! BATMAN!

So, take that, fanboys. Science has scientifically proven that Superman > Batman because Science.

The findings by these intellectual powerhouses also point out that Superman’s closest rivals include Wolverine, Mystique, and Thor, and that in terms of sheer power, Superman is possibly bested by Black Bolt of the Inhumans- who can destroy planets.

One of Superman’s weaknesses surprisingly omitted from this study was: “The mention of a woman named Martha.” They may have to re-calibrate their results…

Here’s an excerpt of the kinds of findings included in this study:

“Boasting a super-powered array of skills, Superman, if obeying the ‘Law of Energy Conservation’, could exhibit a calculated stored solar energy output of 7.07×105 Joules per second for his ‘Super Flare’ attack. It is also shown that the ‘Man of Steel’, in theory, could have higher density muscle tissue than the average human which could aid in several of his superhuman abilities.”

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